Backing up MS SQL 2005 with SSQL management studio express


You have a production database that you need to write SQL reports against. You are an experienced IT professional, and you know that writing SQL against the production data is not advisable. As a result you have decided to take a copy of your MS SQL Server 2005 production database and stand it up in a development environment.


  • Download MSSQL management studio express at
  • In MSSQL management studio, configure a new SQL server connection, you will need an IP address, username, and password to enter in the following dialog box :
    Connect To MS SQL Server 2005
    Connect To MS SQL Server 2005
  • Available databases will then appear in the left hand tree view.
  • ‘right-click’ on the database in question and drill down to Tasks -> Backup
  • In the ‘Destination’ area, select a path –Local- to the SQL server in question (sample dialog pasted here)
    Backup MS SQL Server 2005 DataBase
    Backup MS SQL Server 2005 DataBase
  • The produced .bak file will be importable to almost any more recent version of MSSQL.

You may also create a ‘scripted backup (similar to a MySQL dump) by proceeding from the second step:

  • right click on the database in question and drill down to Script database as -> CREATE to -> File
  • and select a file local to the remote workstation.

Depending on your database size, a backup may take quite some time.

Installing Informix IDS 11.x on Mac OS X


Installing IDS 11 on Mac OS X


After installing the server, update the sqlhosts file and replace the default host name by * so that the server listens on all IPs. The sqlhosts file may be names sqlhosts.ol_server_name, and its contents would look like:

ol_server_name onsoctcp * ol_server_name
dr_server_name drsoctcp * dr_server_name


When IDS 11 is officially released, more information will be published here. For now, the following links have pointers:



How to add another LPAR with a new vlan to an existing SEA.


  • Without downtime: Create one more virtual Ethernet with new vlan, then add this adapter to the current SEA and change the property with chdev command.

    chdev -dev entX -attr virt_adapters=entY,entZ

    (where entX is the SEA and entY is the adapter that was already part of the SEA and entZ is the new virtual adapter.
  • With Downtime: Simple destroy and recreate the SEA with extra vlan tag port.

NewPush powers Akavit mail gateway for the Denver Broncos

Akavit who manages the Denver Broncos interactive website, teamed up with NewPush to streamline the mail communications that power interaction with the fans. The novel design combines a public cloud based approach on Amazon EC2 with a private cloud based approach in a controlled environment. The solution allows to boost the open rate of emails and increase the experience provided.