Domino Server Crash Debug Data Collection

Even though Domino servers tend to be very stable, it may happen that every now and then there is a crash. In that case it is good to be able to provide appropriate details to IBM. Here are some recommendations form IBM tech support:

  • Make sure gdb is installed on the OS (Unix OSs only)
  • Add the following lines to notes.ini:

These recommendations apply to any Domino based server: Quickr, Sametime, Traveler.

NewPush featured in is carrying and article about our new SAN infrastructure choice around IBM N series and Zerowait SimpleStor products. Here is an excerpt:

Zerowait Corporation, provider of independent NetApp support and off- lease systems, announced that NewPush, a global application and data-warehouse hosting company, has selected Zerowait to architect and manage NewPush’s NetApp and IBM N series storage infrastructure.

For the full article, click on NewPush Selects Zerowait

Migrate ProxMox KVM Storage from local to NFS on netapp

Proxmox KVM storage migration from local to NFS

In order to be able to use the live partition migration in Proxmox, the KVM partition needs to be on NFS or iSCSI.

Here is the process for an NFS storage.

- shut down vm
- rsync -av /var/lib/vz/images/<VMID> /mnt/pve/<NFS VOL>/images/
- edit /etc/qemu-server/<VMID>.conf
- change ide0: local:<VMID>/vm-<VMID>-disk-1.raw to ide0: <NFS VOL>:<VMID>/vm-<VMID>-disk-1.raw
- start up vm