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WHMCS OpenSRS sync error for a domain

Balázs Nagy


Problem: OpenSRS domain sync error

Rarely for a domain under OpenSRS management, the following error show up for each operation: “”

Solution: the OpenSRS domain password

Initially we looked at the troubleshooting guide, but couldn’t find the relevant info. The WHMCS support folks pointed us in the right direction:

This is a very rare error, it is caused by a character in the domain’s password field in the mod_opensrs table that OpenSRS’ API does not recognise.
To resolve the issue, simply change the domain’s password via the OpenSRS control panel to that does not contain special characters, then using a tool such as or edit the domain’s record in the mod_opensrs table of the WHMCS database and enter the new password directly.
As always before making changes to the database please backup.

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