New Available Build Notification (76354)

This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.

 Admins are now called “super admins”, and Resellers are now called “admins”:

With the introduction of sub-resellers recently, and the launch of our Reseller business model, we’ve decided to change the “reseller” naming in our control panel. As we’re exposing more and more features at the old “reseller” level, that were formerly only accessible to the administrator on the Local Cloud, the following name changes will take effect as of this update:

“administrators” become “super administrators”
“resellers” becomes “administrators”
“sub-resellers” become “sub-administrators”
“sub-administrators” can have “sub-administrators”

Nothing will change in terms of functionality. We’re just improving the naming, so there is no confusion with the “reseller” business model. At the same time we are working on exposing as many “administrators” features as possible at all levels.

Manually locking an outgoing user ‘identity’:

If you have configured your outgoing filtering to identify end users (e.g. via a header or the envelope sender), then you can now use the api_lock_outgoing_identity() and api_unlock_outgoing_identity() Software API calls to manually lock a specific “identity” from being able to send more outgoing messages. For example, you may already be receiving one of the reports we offer indicating which of these users are attempting to send out spam, or perhaps you’re getting that information from a log search in the web interface/API or by processing the automatic ARF reports. You can now immediately act on this information by locking the problematic identity (either automatically by hooking in the API call into your systems, or manually), so that they aren’t able to do any more damage while you contact them to resolve the problem.

We are working on adding in the full automated locking system at the ‘identity’ (end user) level, as well as other improvements around this area and in providing even more information about which of your users are causing the most problems. However, this should be a very useful first step if you have been unable to block the users with the existing functionality.

Email user level sender whitelist and blacklist:

Although it has always been possible to whitelist or blacklist a specific sender for all recipients at a domain, it’s sometimes useful to be able to do this whitelisting or blacklisting only for specific recipients (e.g. only for [email protected]), and this is something that end users are often interested in doing.  We have added the ability to create such whitelists and blacklists at the end-user level, this is available directly from the Software API now. We will be adding this functionality to the web interface as well in a future update. Please note that it’s generally not recommended to overrule the automatic filters with such custom whitelists, as spam may be received when spammers spoof the sender address and match a whitelisted entry.


Filtering (services):

  • Added whitelist or blacklist sender API at the incoming email address level, not just the domain level (#22073)
  • The api_count_messages() and api_count_outgoing_messages() API calls now support sorting and pagination when the “group by” option is used (#22270)
  • Resolved issue with the number of running / sleeping processes shown for each server with the status call (#22503)
  • A new API method, api_add_delivery_domain() has been added, which works like api_add_incoming_domain but has JSON arguments and response for easier integration into upstream systems
  • Resolved issue with incorrect Message-ID key returned when using api_find_messages and api_find_outgoing_messages were used with format=JSON (#22611)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved issue with message retrieval in Outgoing Delivery Queue page when searching for recipient (#22561)
  • Resolved issue with editing outgoing limits when limits are enabled (#22610)
  • Resolved on screen error when clicking “Manage permissions” option at domain level (#22593)
  • Adjusted SpamPanel API `api/reseller/getarchivingdiskspaceusage/` & `/api/reseller/wipe/` calls  to show `admin` instead of `reseller` (#22617)
  • Removed “sort_field” when calling api_count_messages (#22424)
  • Resolved issue with archiving product status incorrectly reflected in the archiving options (#22317)
  • Added `Skip archiving account creation` if the ‘activate for all domains’ setting is off (#22360)
  • Increased HSTS timeout to 180 days (#22410)
  • Resolved CSRF issues on certain pages that had the error `We are sorry, but you cannot access the requested page due to security restrictions` (#22455)
  • Provide the message date when retrieving a message (#21583)
  • New SpamPanel API call `api/reseller/wipe` to wipe reseller data (#21991)
  • New SpamPanel API call `api/reseller/getarchivingdiskspaceusage` to get archiving disk space usage for a reseller (#21993)
  • Added a notification before sub-admin deletion (#22117)
  • Add option to specify individual domain results in ‘/api/user/list/role/email/format/json’ (#20852)
  • Change `admin` to `super admin` and `reseller` to `admin` (#21443)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • cPanel: Added option to enable/disable add-on per-package (#8038)
  • cPanel: Resolved issue with SpamExperts Icon is missing in X3 theme (#22354)
  • cPanel: Resolved issue with GTLD MX records (#22608)
  • cPanel: Resolved issue with error notice `PHP Notice: Undefined index: status  Line: 397` (#22352)
  • Plesk: Resolved issue with GTLD MX records (#22608)
  • Plesk: Resolved issue with error notice `PHP Notice: Undefined index: status  Line: 397` (#22352)


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Cooperating to Change Learning

There is a signal that indicates the need to change education.

While elementary and secondary schools have progressed considerably in the last years, the coming days of the field are focused to get much more impactful improvements.

Technological innovations in big data analytics, mobile expansion in and beyond of schools, and the breakthroughs in cloud-based smart content are making significantly accurate tools to define what academic procedures would show the optimum and drastically change present educational methods.

Such innovative analytics and cloud-based smart content can assist educators to uncover deep insights which will change procedure to learning and help shift the classrooms from assembly-line to a totally individualized setting – environments which motivate and involve students at any level from kindergarteners learning to university.

But for a real revolution to happen, you will find a demand of smooth collaboration between teachers, parents and pupils that build a learning environment which fosters knowledge progress and uses technology to enhance students involvement which undoubtedly boosts results. Public-private along with cooperating with private sectors are necessary to shift classrooms to a setting which motivates and engages learners at any level and delivers an environment in which success is not produced in a vacuum but collectively.

The view on the classroom of the future cannot reach a more essential time. Research has shown that on a worldwide level nearly 2 of 3 adults have not accomplished the equal of high-grade education. This result is inappropriate in a century where a secondary degree is usually the minimum necessary for a person to efficiently get into the employed pool.

Against that background for today, it has been introduced a new collaboration with the University of South Carolina to utilize their recently minted Center for Applied Innovation to develop technology basis and information needed for customized education which boosts results for students.

Incorporating with USC we are searching solutions for using big data and analytics to help arrange smart content, student evaluations and information inside as well as outside the University. Since the project advances our alliance would make USC a global center of experience for educational institutions applying the same products all over the world.

Collaborations with educational institutions are essential whether we intend to be focused on changing education.

Collectively we can make an improvement. Together we can develop and apply technology to change education and be sure that limitations to learn are getting a smaller reason for accomplishment globally.

New available build notification (75122)

This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.

Filtering (services):

  • Removed RC4 from the available HTTPS cipher list
  • Improvements in the efficiency of message classification and training (#17503)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved issue with the “pending transfers” and domain deletion when transferring domains (#22312)
  • Optimized API  `/domain/add/` & `/domain/edit/` error message when destinations cannot be empty (#22332)
  • Resolved issue with double semi-colons inconsistency when getting/setting route (#22356)
  • Resolved issue with domain overview not showing correct active products (#22366)
  • Resolved issue with incorrect error message when updating a SSL certificate (#22365)
  • Resolved issue with continually terminating the session (#21747)
  • Optimized error message when trying to reset the password for a domain that isn’t in the system (#22392)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • No new updates this week

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.