Business Identity Theft: How You Can Protect Your Business

Did you know that in the U.S someone falls victim to identity theft once every two seconds?

In 2017 alone, 60 million Americans were affected by identity theft, with the annual cost of this kind of fraud in the U.S being a staggering $16 billion.

Of course, it is not just individuals who are at risk of having their identity stolen, businesses are just as vulnerable. Plus, if your business does become a victim of identity theft, not only can you lose money, you can also lose your livelihood and the trust of your customers.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take as a business to protect yourself against identity thieves.

Keep reading to find out what they are and to ensure your business stays as safe and secure as possible.

What is business identity theft?

Business identity theft, also known as commercial or corporate identity theft, is when someone or a group of people illegally impersonate a business for criminal gain. Unlike with personal identity theft that only affects an individual, business identity theft can impact your whole business, from your employees to your customers.

It is worth noting that business identity theft is not the same as a breach of sensitive company information or the same as an employee or consumer theft. It directly involves the impersonation of your business.

How can you safeguard your business from identity theft?

Be vigilant of your credit reports

If you want to keep your business data secure, you need to ensure that you are informed and knowledgeable about your company’s credit reports, that way you will be able to immediately notice if something is amiss.

Utilize biometrics

Using biometrics to protect your identity as a business is a highly effective way of keeping yourself safe from increasingly sophisticated online criminals. Using a wide variety of techniques including fingerprint scanners, voice detection, facial recognition and retina recognition, the biometric authentication industry is estimated to be worth a whopping $1.5 billion by 2023.

Stay up to date with digital security practices

This is particularly important for small and midsized businesses that may not survive a security breach of this kind.

Some of the best security practices that you should be adopting include:

  • Having robust firewalls
  • Securing offsite data storage
  • Updating your software regularly
  • Installing VPN for outside access
  • Having scheduled malware scans

Look out for fake invoices

If you receive any invoice for a service or for goods that you did not order and never received, this should instantly set alarm bells ringing. The same goes for if you receive a duplicate bill that you have already paid.

Beware of unknown wire transfers

One of the more common phishing scams involves someone impersonating a CEO or other senior executive and requesting a wire transfer to an unknown account. If you regularly perform wire transfers or work with vendors overseas, you need to be particularly careful of this.

As a business owner, business identity theft is something that you should be taking extremely seriously.

Do not put off securing your data, as your customers, employees and business will be at risk if you do.

Follow the above practices, stay vigilant, and above all else, be consistent in your efforts.

Cisco Bug Triggers Outage in our Denver Data-Center

Today Cisco BGP memory leak (bug ID CSCsw63003) during routine BGP updates caused a 22 minute outage in our downtown Denver facility. An after action report can be found here: Cisco BGP Bug After Action Report.

We extend our deepest apologies to all of our customers who were impacted by this outage. We clearly recognize that such outages are not expected and are very disruptive to your operations. We take any service impacting incident extremely seriously, and this incident is no different.

Alt Ten Selects NewPush to Host Its Ground Breaking Social Business Software

Social Business Software powered by NewPush

Alt Ten, a Littleton, Colorado based Social Business Software startup selects NewPush to run its ground breaking software, TurboStack.

TurboStack aims at filling the gap between traditional Email, CRM, ERP and other productivity tools and the power of Social Media.

NewPush has the infrastructure and know-how to scale applications such as TurboStack, while maintaining reliability and security of user data.


With offering IBM Lotus Connections, and now TurboStack, NewPush is squarely placing itself as a strong player in Social Business Software both for the enterprise and the small and medium size businesses.

Verifying SSL Certificates


You have a few SSL cert files on your server, but you are not sure which one is the newest, or the right cert to use.


Look at the contents of a CSR

openssl req -noout -text -in [domain_name].csr

Where [domain_name].csr is the name of the CSR file.

Look at the contents of a certificate

openssl x509 -noout -text -in [domain_name].crt

Look at the MD5 fingerprint of a certificate

openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout -in [domain_name].crt

Check the private key, the CSR, and the signed cert

To check that the private key, the CSR, and the signed cert belong to the same set, you need to compare the MD5 outputs:

openssl rsa -noout -modulus -in [domain_name].key |openssl md5
openssl req -noout -modulus -in [domain_name].csr |openssl md5
openssl x509 -noout -modulus -in [domain_name].crt |openssl md5

Business Analytics Software Efficiencies are Key

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and the Hardware Upgrade Tarpit

A common misconception about business analytics, is that better business analytics usually requires better hardware.

Business Analytics: Software rules over Hardware

A number of blogs have recently reflected on the “REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS DESIGNING A DIGITAL FUTURE: FEDERALLY FUNDED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN NETWORKING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY” pointing out how progress on algorithms has contributed 43 times more to advances on processing speed than pure hardware improvements (Moore’s Law). &emdash; The report notes that in a 15 year span ending in 2003, hardware improvements accounted for a 1,000 fold increase in compute speeds, while during the same period, the algorithmic improvements accounted for a 43,000 fold improvement.

Business Analitycs

Business Analytics: Focus on Smarter Data Warehousing

While these numbers may certainly be up for debate, the main point to retain, is that by improving the algorithms, i.e. the software used in your systems, you can attain much higher efficiencies then by replacing the hardware alone. Taking a holistic approach, using an Information Agenda that takes into account all aspects of the data lifecycle paves the way for a better Data Warehouse that enables smarter Business Analytics, avoiding the tar pit of never ending hardware and software upgrades.

SMTP Server Testing with Authentication


You need to test manually an SMTP server that requires authentication.


The text you need to enter into a DOS or Unix command line is in typewriter typeface. Responses from the server are shown in italic.
telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
220 plus some other optional server greeting text

helo localhost
auth login
You now need to enter your email and then your password encoded in BASE64. Do encode your password use the HCI Data Encoder
mail from: bnag[email protected]
250 Sender accepted.
rcpt to: [email protected]
250 OK
354 End your message with a period.
Subject: test email

test content

250 Accepted message …
221 Good bye.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Java Shopping Cart and eCommerce Solutions

Java Shopping Cart Hosting

The need to host a shopping cart comes up on a regular basis. There are literally hundreds of very good solutions out there. Here is a list of carts that satisfy the following criteria:
– configurable
– customizable
– embeddable
– has a flexible API
– compatible with IBM DB2
– scalable
– reliable

With these requirements, Java EE is a good technology to settle on, hence the need to find Java Shopping Cart Hosting.

Java Shopping Cart Hosting – Ready to Go Solutions

The following products have been identified as viable solutions for Java Shopping Cart Hosting deployments:


Java Shopping Cart Hosting – Tutorials

There are also a couple good tutorials we found that would walk you through how to create a shopping cart from scratch to embed into an existing application:


Any of the above is supported in our Managed Hosting environment for a successful Java Shopping Cart Hosting deployment.

Updating the Rate Sheet in the COGEXO Rating Engine

Rate table update on MySQL backed database

The concepts in this guide apply for the DB2 version of the rating engine.

Data Fromat


Data Upload

For the MySQL back-end, use phpMyAdmin to upload the data:

      Log in to phpMyAdmin
      Select the rate table
      Click the import tab
      Select the file that has the comma delimited values (CSV)
      Set the number of lines to skip to 1
      Select CSV radio button
      Set the delimiter to “,”
      Check the replace data with file box
      Click Go

Upon successful import, a message diplaying the number of values imported, for example:
Import has been successfully finished, 1578 queries executed.

Restarting SMTP Service on a Domino Server

Stopping and starting a Domino Server’s SMTP service

Domino Server Settings

After updating mail routing settings on a Domino Server, typically the SMTP service needs to be restarted. The best way to do this operation is from the Domino Server Console.

Domino Server SMTP start

From the Admin UI:

  1. Click the Server – Status tab and select the Server Tasks view.
  2. Click Tools – Task – Start
  3. From the list of server tasks, select SMTP Server.
  4. Click Start Task.
  5. Click Done to close the Start New Task dialog box.

From the server console:

Look for diagnostic messages on the console. Allow several minutes on a busy server.

Domino Server SMTP stop

From the Admin UI:

  1. Click the Server – Status tab and select the Server Tasks view.
  2. Select SMTP Server from the list of tasks.
  3. Click Tools – Task – Stop, and then click Yes.

From the server console:
Tell SMTP quit

Look for diagnostic messages on the console. Allow several minutes on a busy server.

Domino Server SMTP restart

From the Admin UI:

  1. Click the Server – Status tab and select the Server Tasks view.
  2. Select SMTP Server from the list of tasks.
  3. Click Tools – Task – Restart, and then click Yes.

From the server console:
Restart Task SMTP

Look for diagnostic messages on the console. Allow several minutes on a busy server.

For more articles from the NewPush Managed Domino Server Team see Domino Server Support and Collaboration Services.