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Why NewPush?

Reconciliation is the process of checking different sets of records to ensure they are accurate and in agreement. This is also a way of making sure they are consistent and contain no deviations. Reconciliation is usually carried out on a regular basis, and it helps to make an organization more auditable and within compliance. It also increases efficiency and reduces risks.

Core Values

We come from many different backgrounds, we see the world through our own lens, and we all work the way that’s best for us, but there are a few things we agree on. These core values are the bedrock on which NewPush is built.

We Act With Integrity

To know what’s right and to do what’s right every day, in every situation. We see this as an ideal to strive towards. Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but we treat one another with honesty and respect.

We Bring Rigor To Our Work

We approach our work with thoroughness because whatever the process, the final product has to be perfect. Our clients can always depend on us to deliver solutions that they can rely on absolutely.

We Are Accountable

To be dependable means that we deliver what we promise. Honest, accurate and open reporting is the only way to achieve this. We don’t blame individuals, we work together as a team to overcome all challenges.

We Do What It Takes

There comes a point in any project where someone says, that’s good enough. Doing what it takes means going back and testing, making sure that ‘good enough’ is as good as it can be.

We Look Out For Each Other

We are a team, we succeed or fail together. We never say no to a colleague in need, instead, make sure that the person who’s been carrying a project doesn’t burn out, and we acknowledge a job well done.

We Keep Learning

In such a dynamically developing field as IT, constant development is imperative. This improvement can take many forms: we learn from our colleagues, through courses, from taking on new challenges.


Out of the many ways to keep learning, some prefer perfecting their chosen craft, others enjoy taking on fresh challenges. At NewPush, there are plenty of opportunities for both. We always seek to promote internally where we can; and we have a culture of continuous improvement and recognition.

Online courses are available to every employee on a huge variety of topics within their chosen field, as well as in personal development.

Employees can, if they wish, move from one department to another, to gain new skills and a fresh perspective on the work we do. A new environment can be beneficial, can open up a new well of motivation, and help build new connections.

Every employee has the opportunity to submit their ideas to their team leads, or at our regular Hackathons, where we gather to work on project ideas unburdened by daily tasks.


Security Engineer

The Security Engineer is a member of the IT Information Security department within NewPush Information Technology organization. The Security Engineer should be technical and proficient with Information Security practices.

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Security Engineer (Junior)

We are looking for a junior Vulnerability Scanner Security Engineer to join our team. The ideal candidate will provide operational support of Vulnerability Management processes.

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Security Operation Center Analyst

A security operations center (SOC) analyst is a cybersecurity staff member who is responsible for monitoring and fighting threats to an organization's IT infrastructure.

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System Administrator

NewPush is seeking a full-time System Administrator to join our team. The ideal candidate will perform specific tasks defined as part of projects to satisfy customer expectations and deadlines in DevOps area of topic.

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We are looking for an experienced Controller to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for the accurate and timely financial management of the organization.

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HR Assistant

We are looking for an HR assistant with outstanding administrative and communication skills, to perform daily administrative and human resources duties in our Company.

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Every application should include the following.

  • Cover letter
  • Clear and concise CV
  • Date when you can start
  • Salary expectations

Before your interview, it’s helpful to gain a good understanding of what NewPush does. Read through our website and the materials available there.

Note that bonuses are not part of the pay structure at NewPush. We believe in paying fair salaries, so employees can work without the stress of conditional awards. In effect, bonuses are included with every monthly check.

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about the work we do. A good way to show sincere enthusiasm is preparing a career plan for the next 2-5 years. Think about your areas of interest, ambitions towards managing others, directions for your development.

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