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Blog Category: Collaboration

Domino 8.5 SELECT Failure, Cannot Select Mailbox: Entry Not Found in Index
Category: Collaboration Published: 2013-03-24

Problem opening IMAP INBOX with Domino 8.5 If you are getting an error Mail was unable to open this mailbox on the server “”. The server returned the error: SELECT failure, cannot select mailbox: Entry not found in index Most likely the IMAP INBOX for that user has been corrupted. The solution is simple and […]

Sync Contacts Between Lotus Notes, Traveler and iNotes
Category: Collaboration Published: 2011-06-16

Lotus Notes has four main functions: email, calendar, address book, and to-do. Of these functions, the address book is the only piece that is stored locally on whatever computer you added the entries. Thus, if you need to have access to your address book when you are at a different computer, or when you are […]

Lotus Domino DNS Timeout Issue
Category: Collaboration Published: 2010-10-31

Domino Server causes intermittent email bouncing On a Domino Server to 8.5FP1 After upgrading a Domino Server to 8.5FP1 we noticed intermittent email bouncing even though the emails were correctly delivered to the email server. The server response was: 451 Unable to complete command, DNS not available or timed out This message is misleading. What […]

Restarting SMTP Service on a Domino Server
Category: Collaboration Published: 2010-11-01

Stopping and starting a Domino Server’s SMTP service Domino Server Settings After updating mail routing settings on a Domino Server, typically the SMTP service needs to be restarted. The best way to do this operation is from the Domino Server Console. Domino Server SMTP start From the Admin UI: Click the Server – Status tab […]

Upgrading Android on Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
Category: Collaboration Published: 2012-10-22

The official tool to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 is Kies, but in most cases, the upgrade can’t be done. Instead there is a tool named Odin: It is recommended to register at SamFirmware where you can download the official firmware, then you can install it using:  

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