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Blog Category: Domain Names

My email address on file for my domain is outdated
Category: Domain Names Published: 2011-11-07

The contact information on file with the registry is a legal document that only the true owner for the domain can modify. If any of it becomes obsolete, the owner needs to update it. Unfortunately, when it is the email address that becomes out of date, and there is no username and password available to […]

Domain Name Management / Domain Name Setup
Category: Domain Names Published: 2011-11-07

How do I manage my domain? To manage you domain registered with TheNewPush, go to the domain management console and enter your domain name, user name and password. How do I point a new domain to an existing site with cPanel? To create domain aliases with a cPanel control panel, you need to be the […]

I received a letter from Domain Registry of America, do I need to do anything?
Category: Domain Names Published: 2011-11-07

Unless you specifically registered your domain with Domain Registry of America this letter is a sales/marketing letter to try and gain your business. You may ignore this letter. NewPush will alert you when your domain is ready for renewal. Domain registration is public information and many companies use the records to build sales lists.

What is a domain name and why do I need one?
Category: Domain Names Published: 2011-11-07

A domain name is used as an easy way to locate you and your business on the Internet. Typically a domain name will look something like this:

My domain name has been stolen and/or registered by a domain squatter
Category: Domain Names Published: 2011-11-07

When your domain name is either stolen, or registered by a domain squatter, you need to first try to contact to current owner to give them a chance to relinquish the domain name without any further trouble. If that fails, we recommend that you contact an attorney that is specialized in trademark and domain squatting […]

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