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Blog Category: Hosting Support

Bynari: Configuration files to change
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-12

/home/httpd/htdocs/is4web/inc/ [line 10] = ‘<server>’; /home/httpd/htdocs/is4web/xml/config.xml [replace with correct IP i.e.] … <item option=”myhostname” > </item> <item option=”mydomain” > </item> <item option=”myorigin” > </item> <item option=”mydestination” > , </item> <item option=”mynetworks” > </item> <item option=”inet_interfaces” hidden=”1″ > </item> <item option=”relay_domains” > </item> <item option=”#relayhost” > </item> […]

When trying to send emails I get “server not able to use SSL” and I can’t send email
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-08

It is likely that you need to turn off virus scanning of outgoing mail. Details how to do this for Norton AntiVirus 2002 on Windows XP: Start Norton AntiVirus (START|PROGRAMS|Norton Antivirus|Norton Antivirus 2002) Click on “Options” In the section “Internet” click on “Email” In the section “What to scan” remove ticks from “Scan outgoing Email […]

Can your address book accomodate adressee groups?
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-08

There are multiple ways to have address books: In your email program (i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express) you can set up distribution lists. In the email management tool, you can set up aliases with multiple recipients (there is virtually no limit to the number of recipients) In the address book of webmail, you can […]

I am not able to send / receive email
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-08

SYMPTOM All of a sudden, I am not able to send or receive an email, even though my account used to work just a little while ago. SOLUTION Check Internet connectivity, for example, go to and search for an item category Make sure that Norton Anti-Virus or MacAffee are set up properly. See “When […]

What is secure email and why is it better?
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-08

Our secure email gives you the confidence to communicate freely with anyone in your organization using email in or out of the office network. If you’re using an email client, like Outlook, we encrypt any information transfer using SSL/TLS. If you’re using Webmail your session is encrypted with HTTPS.

I cannot set anonymous access to off within an Ensim FrontPage site
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-12

SYMPTOM When trying to turn off the anonymous browsing capabilities for a web or a subweb in FrontPage, when the FrontPage extensions have been added through the Ensim control panel, the following error is produced by FrontPage: The role(s) ‘Administrator’ exceed the rights specified for anonymous access and contain the the account used for anonymous […]

Screen Locking in Mac OS X
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2008-12-23

On Windows and Linux, it is simple to set up one’s workstation to have the screen locked when one steps away from the console.  On the Mac however, there is no explicit way to achieve that.  The following site has some good pointers: Quickly lock your screen One of the best methods from the article […]

Keyboard Remapping on Mac OS X 1.5
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2008-12-22

I’m trying to map my Mac iBooks keyboard to mimic the Happy Hacking keyboard (CapsLock = Control, Fn + Tab = CapsLock, and swap delete and ).  While this was trivial to accomplish on Windows Vista, I’m having a hard time on the Mac.  So far the closest reference I found is Keyboard Remapping in […]

I can’t see the Insight connector anymore even if I reinstall the connector
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-08

If the “Insight Connector” (aka synchronization tool) disappears in Outlook, it is due to a “feature” in Outlook that disables the plugins. To re-enable them: Select “About” in the “Help” menu Select “Disabled Items” Highlight the Plugin and click “Enable” (Curtasy of Richard Lee of Pillar Consulting)

How to Install / Upgrade Jahia?
Category: Hosting Support Published: 2006-11-07

Here are the links to a number of Jahia README files:

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