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Blog Category: OpenBSD

How to install Qmail / VmailMGR on OpenBSD
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-29

There is no single source that describes the proper installation of Qmail on OpenBSD, but there are multiple sources that combined provide a good picture: Installing and Configuring qmail 1.03 on OpenBSD 3.1

How to set up "road warior" VPN with OpenBSD
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-29

I found this solution in the summary of a related thread on [email protected] (mailing list). Thanks for the various assists on this, I’m glad to say that the problem I was having is now solved. I am now successfully interworking dynamically addressed (DHCP) Win2K-pro and XP clients with OpenBSD isakmpd using X.509 certificate-based authentication. I […]

OpenBSD box freezes with: "/bsd: WARNING: mclpool limit reached; increase NMBCLUSTERS"
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-07

When I tried to run databases on OpenBSD, I encountered an issue running out of a resource that I didn’t quite understand at the time. I asked the following question on the [email protected] list: > I get the “/bsd: WARNING: mclpool limit reached; increase NMBCLUSTERS” > messages “last message repeated 10 times” and then kernel […]

How do I find out more about OpenBSD VPN?
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-29

Here are some of the resources we found useful to learn more about VPNs in general and on OpenBSD specifically: FreeSWAN Project Documentation Braindead RSA OpenBDS Support

How to make cvm work on OpenBSD?
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-29

Bruce Guenter’s cvm librairies use Linux style sockets. That is usually fine on OpenBSD, except that the cvm_udp code opens a socket, and then uses sendto() which implicitly reoppens the socket. OpenBSD doesn’t like that, so here is the patch to fix cvm-0.18: — Fri Feb 20 12:07:55 2004 +++ client.c Fri Feb 20 […]

Setting up a VPN between OpenBSD 4.5 and Cisco PIX
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-24

The original of this HOWTO was here: OpenBSD – PIX ISAKMP VPN Setting up an ISAKMP VPN tunnel between OpenBSD 4.5 and Cisco Pix Configuration: Site A: OpenBSD 4.5 Internal Network: External IP: Site B: Cisco Pix 6.1 Internal Network: External IP: VPN parameters: Shared Secret: theSecret Encryption Algorith: 3DES Hash […]

How to make perl work in a chrooted Apache on OpenBSD 4.5
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-29

I found this solution on the [email protected] list, and just slightly had to update it: Getting Perl/CGI to work in a chroot’d Apache environment : Intentions Let me start off by saying that allowing Perl/CGI in a server environment is generally a not good idea, unless you like to spend all of your time auditing […]

How to install IP-Audit-Web 1.0 on OpenBSD 4.5
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-05-29

IP audit web is an excellent tool to monitor traffic on a given interface, and create daily and monthly statistics. It is really made of 2 components: – IPAudit – IPAudit-web As of this writing the latest version is IPAudit-Web-1.0BETA9. It contains both packages bundled. Here are the steps to follow: wget tar xvzf […]

Reporting OpenBSD dmesg
Category: OpenBSD Published: 2009-10-29

Overview In order to help OpenBSD developers understand what systems people are running OpenBSD on, it is recommended to send them the system information, as well as the hardware sensor information. Steps Log on to your OpenBSD box At the prompt, run: # (dmesg; sysctl hw.sensors) | mail -s “type of machine” [email protected] References tech […]

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