I am having trouble with large attachments


When sending large attachments, my emails often take forever, and sometimes they just fail.


Email is not designed as a file transfer protocol. If you need to exchange large files with your clients or vendors, you will get much better results using HTTP (e.g. putting up the file on your website) or FTP. Please also keep in mind that none of these methods are confidential. If you need to transfer files securely, you will need to use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) with HTTPS or Secure Shell (ssh). Please contact us if you need help enabling these features on your account.

Dell Poweredge 750 – NIC doesn’t work on FC1

When you try to get the new GigE network cards running in a RedHat 9 (RH9) install, as well as on Fedora Core 1 (FC1), the driver can get the NICs initialized and recognized. This is because the PE750 has newer Intel Pro/1000 onboard NICs than what the RHL9 and FC1 kernels include. First, if you can, try upgrading to the very latest available RHL9/FC1 kernel, now available through Fedora Legacy, that should solve it.
Since you don’t have a working NIC, this upgrade might be too difficult. You can also get the driver from the e1000 SourceForge site (www.sourceforge.net/projects/e1000/) and put that on a floppy. You’ll need a kernel or driver that was released in or after November-December 2003.