How to Have a Productive Lunch Break

During long working days, a lunch break is something that everyone looks forward to. Whether it be to step oProductive lunch breakutside and get some fresh air or to regain their energy after a long morning in the office, it is something that is integral to having a positive working day. Yet it could be that you are not using your lunch break effectively, which can lead to you being more tired after lunch, rather than re-energized.

To have a productive lunch break, the first step is to acknowledge that it is called a break for a reason; to not relax would indeed be counterproductive to the working day. If you are struggling to find ways to make the most of it, make sure you follow some key tips.


Have a healthy meal


During the morning, your brain and body will have worked off all the food you ate for breakfast. This can result in your focus slipping and stress levels climbing, both of which won’t bode well for you in the workplace. As soon as you clock off for lunch, you should make sure you eat a meal rich in antioxidants, natural energy, and vitamins. To save your money on this, you can always prepare it before you come to work. This will also ensure you know exactly what is going into your body, and what each ingredient can do to help you stay on track.




One thing that many employees struggle to do it relax and take a step back at lunch. In fact, it is easy to feel guilty that you are not doing work, even when it is your lunch break. If you come back to work feeling more tired than you did before your break, that is a sure sign you need to learn to relax. One of the best ways to do this is by socializing with colleagues who have lunch at the same time, or by playing online games to take your mind off any stress. Choosing a trusted site such as will enable you to place bets, play games, and keep up to date on the world of sports.


Go for a walk


Being cooped up in an office for hours on end can make you feel uninspired when you need to be feeling the opposite. Sometimes, people need to take a step out of the building to feel refreshed for the next few hours. The best way to do this is by taking a walk in your local park, where you can soak up all the oxygen that your brain needs. If you have been feeling stressed throughout the day, this is also perfect for helping you stay calm, and also allows you to reassess how you feel more logically.


Brainstorm ideas


If you are somebody who can’t relax on your lunch break, then you can put your time to good use by brainstorming ideas for how you can improve in the business, and to see what new ideas you can bring to the table. Though it can be tempting to let your mind spiral with excitement, you should combine these brainstorm sessions with enough time for a true break so you can collect yourself before work starts for the afternoon.

Play over the internet Games and then lengthen the body’s Knowledge

One of the principal flows an integrated majority of us sleep, stick integrated, push away boredom, or even blow apart hours at work is typical to try out games–video games, personal computer games (on you do know there are numerous addictive games at the body’s expression course, right?), or over the internet games. I private over a hundred games associated with the ever-wonderful I regularly visit gaming sites at the online as well. A person, I still check out a serious bit is actually a completely free – the boxerjam, fair name has not been the TV? Never brain that these are all during which I worked on my very first games over the internet the 1st time–in the first eighties–I proceeded to go over the internet. (those of you were the times as soon as you would dial at, wait around while the screeeoooobongbongbong sound that would later on definitely force on a wall structure). A person video game that I was playing a serious bit not too long ago, only to I am definitely hooked at is typically Pogo. That one could enjoy at three but then that you should fix up and at intermittent commercials. But then, what’s more, paying to try out games at Pogo (only to I’m absolutely certain at almost every other similarly fair sites) is rather cheap anyway if you want to move that this direction. Especially if you prefer to remain inside your home (since you find that we at this time force on you definitely nuts), never spend money on anything other than food products only to shelter, only to deserve (due to the fact every affected individual can quickly) the brain spreading of truth that this playing games affords. Believe it or not, they are in fact a couple of benefits to Lane is typically games other than per se due to its entertainment ideals. Let’s check out an integrated few:

A person. Such platforms or creativity or no matter what these are referred to as nowadays allow games to return from their actual shape. That one could enjoy games need Checkers, an integrated version of Scrabble, or Canasta, for instance, via a robot that’s established so as to choose these to lead skill grades which are predetermined as of on you. Only to the new avatars (mini-me cartoon representations of players/members) have got super affected individual expressions need smiles, frowns, gentle affected individual need expressions that this can be seen as soon as winning an integrated circular, losing a casino game, conceding to try and a flat or match. 2. In-game speak in stores real-time games means you get to enjoy games only to communicate with the others as you enjoy, all around the globe, live. You do not listen to from them three a few moments whenever you emailed or snail mailed a message; you do not wait around ten minutes due to the fact if you NBA live mobile hack are stoned only to swearing on you have taken trick lots of time to try and response that this question; on you shape back in only to forth to the people all around the globe. If ever that’s the interests of the word on you. That one could, certainly, opt to either enjoy games against either a personal computer course itself or affected individual counterparts of the body’s choosing. Three. You may get great things about the prior reflected stuff as with specific things like, gaming over the internet gains ethnic skills since you have got to deal with the others, slows down obstacles, encourages either a affected individual sentiments of empathy only to sympathy (in stores anything vital that you either a online/human clash royale hack 2017 acquaintances…Lifestyles crisis, feelings, behavior around tough games or dull formats or games undertaking up); only to, in my own quotation, beats needing to enjoy games per se. Four. Either a miracle of over the internet video game playing creativity gentle encourages altruism only to contributes to complicated knowledge creativity, at no matter what gentle. Individuals who have like-minded interests tend to greatly help the others, speak, manipulate personal computer commands/controls, enjoy unknown games, only to, regularly, have got tons of fun and so are undertaking with each other. It’s a beautiful stage. Due to the fact we have now recognize, as well, that when on you enjoy games (of any mode only to of specialised formats), those of you games help to sharpen any of that our mental faculties, Alzheimer’s, only to, in my own coo-coo universe, either an insanity of such needful mental aberrations due to the fact fixed, ADHD, only to OCD–through the particular final advantage is typically not necessarily empirically proven. There has been relatively a piece of creativity worked click here on upon this topic and you may bet you will see a lot more to try and come. Thus to try out games will be to demand praise in stores beating your individual right, to execute at competition-mode (though the particular is rather understated), to try and compete only to try and earn a couple of financial resources if ever that’s at stake. That our very first ancestors without doubt, kept in mind to try out games only to were amused as of them. Gentle if ever its own that these tokens which are virtually actual but then virtually deceased in stores anything other than digital do something. Despite the case, everything that translates to try and F-U-N.

New available build notification (74019)

This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.

 What’s new this week:


It’s now possible to allow your resellers to themselves create reseller accounts (who can then create their own resellers, and so on with no limit).  This is currently a cluster-wide switch that you can access in the “Manage Permissions” link from the dashboard of the web interface.  In the “Resellers” column, there’s a permission group that starts with “Manage Resellers” – if you enable this, then all the resellers on the system will have the ability to create and manage their own resellers. By default this feature is not enabled, and once enabled it will allow all your resellers to create such unlimited sub-levels. We’re working on extending this new feature to allow for e.g. custom management per-reseller.

After you’ve enabled this new feature, you can view the list of “sub resellers” that your resellers have at the admin and reseller level. When a reseller creates a “sub reseller”, they can set limits on the products or number of domains that they have available, in the same way that this can be done when creating a reseller from the top admin level.  When a “sub reseller” logs in, they get the same experience and functionality as any other reseller.

Discontinuing support for 32bit OS installations

Currently SpamExperts runs on both 64bit and 32bit installations of Debian Linux. We’re going to phase out support of the older 32bit installations, and are offerring a free migration to a new 64bit Debian setup for those systems affected. In case you still run on 32bit servers, please contact our support with the new hardware details so we can plan in such free migration for you. Older 32bit systems will become unsupported as of March 1st 2015.

Filtering (services):

  • Improvements to the efficiency of the logging data migration (#20259)
  • When messages are delivered, the “status” column in the log search results is now updated to “delivered” (#19761)
  • Improvements to handling connections where one recipient has a different sender whitelist than other recipients (#22083)
  • [outgoing only] New API methods to allow whitelisting envelope senders, including the ability to whitelist all senders, and the ability to set this on a per IP or IP network basis (#21452)
  • [outgoing only] New API methods api_set_outgoing_report2_recipient and api_get_outgoing_report2_recipient which provide a two-hourly report on the outgoing filter users that have attempted to send spam in that period.  Note that this report is still under active development, and the format may change without the usual deprecation period
  • [outgoing only] The header user identification method for outgoing messages will now consider a newline to be a match for “.” in the value regular expression.  This makes it easier to write regular expressions without knowing exactly how the header will be wrapped on to multiple lines

Email Archiving (services):

  • A new API method is available to rebuild an index. This may be used with the option to disable real-time indexing for an account, to build an index only when it is required ( #21579)
  • The Amazon S3 archiving storage engine now supports specification of the Amazon hostname and port (to support working with S3 clones) and the bucket name to use (all messages are now stored in a single bucket) (#10176)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Added ability to restrict IP submission users (#18983)
  • Added count for domains with a certain product enabled for a reseller (#21778)
  • Added export feature to periodic user report (#16556)
  • Added extra MX records when adding new domains (#20193)
  • Added option to edit an outgoing user directly after creating (#20919)
  • Resolved issue with wrong user profile opened for administrators (#21032)
  • Resolved issue with reseller is not logged-out after set to inactive (#21364)
  • Resolved `api/domain/setproducts` example variables (#22149)
  • Resolved issue with email validation check (#22123)
  • Resolved issue with “Percentage (of overall server usage)”” column not displaying data (#22066)
  • Resloved issue with reseller creation without a password (#22084)
  • Resolved issue with warning `Could not whitelist ‘xxxx’` when adding a domain (#22098)
  • Resolved issue with CSV export with expected import (#21200)
  • When the archiving product is added/removed, reflect that in the archiving settings (#21024)
  • Adjusted Archive search results show Date at time processed rather than value message (#21096)
  • Adjusted `/api/option/interfacestatus/` SpamPanel API call to use GET (#21595)
  • Removed maximum email size check skipped from outgoing ip whitelist (#21270)
  • Show Spampanel API help for resellers with API access (#20816)
  • Make the bandwidth graph “active” (#15101)
  • Optimized available products detection (#22081)
  • Optimized `api/domain/getproducts` to return error for non-existing domains (#22148)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • No new updates this week

Mobile Activity Recognition

This article could be useful to know how to identify and monitor the physical activity of users of smartphones. We will share some methods of cleaning education information, feature choice, proper selecting classification algorithm and model validating. You will see the process of development of the recognition system for mobiles.


The stunning activity smartphones apps could do is to sense present users physical activity like walking, driving, or staying. Identification of activities features numerous apps from fitness or health monitoring to context-based marketing and staff tracking. Context-aware apps are able to personalize activities depending on present process. As an example, if the user is looking for nearby companies it could use bigger radius when driving, and smaller when walking.

One of the apps created for training data accumulating is the Sensor Logger by IBM. It extracts the accelerometer appr. 50 times a second and writes results into local file. Also, it writes captured from GPS present speed. This application was presented to 20 volunteers to install on their mobile phones and use this app for data reporting in the process of exercises.

Feature Recovery

Files recorded by Sensor Logger were examined with the feature recovery program. This program divided logged information into parts of 3 sec, then computed representative feature of every part. These features were commonly determined by frequency analysis of the accelerometer data. It was calculated with a fast Fourier transform (FFT). The FFT functions were after that measured by splitting the series of FFT coefficients into subranges and getting the sums of coeffs in every range. To illustrate, one among the arrangements was the sums of coeffs in a range of 1 Hz, 2 Hz so on. It was calculated a few optional sets of features in the range of minimum and maximum frequencies.

Other characteristics used together with FFT were the mean, the variation, and the energy of the signal, and additionally velocity provided by GPS. The measurements were saved in the database, records were made every 3 second-part with acquired features and the activities from which information was taken. Data connected with log file was also saved in the database. It consisted of a phone model, the OS, the username, and the track name.

Cleaning Data

Before accepting a new log file into the testing data it should be examined for accuracy of classifying with decision tree which was created using validated data. In case the classification accuracy of a new log file is lower an obtained from random partitioning it needs to be audited. To fix the issue the log file should be edited and all wrong data which is determined from inspection should be deleted.

Model Validating

Log files of every track are randomly split between training and testing sets while randomly partitioned. Consequently, training and testing sets may be related, because of consist of records of the same file. Data which is part of the same track logged by the same user with the same phone on the same situation, are usually near each other regarding a variety of features. For that reason examination with random partitioning could be not really indicative and could not show overfitting. A preferable method to define the accuracy is to divide by users – delete several users from training information and apply the data recorded by these users for testing. In a minimum one instance, one of the feature sets provided by random partitioning showed good results, however, results were not as positive with dividing by users, possibly because of overfitting happened by random partitioning.

OS Independency Validating

If you accumulate data from Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS it is crucial to check the possibility to mix the results and create one common decision tree. We did some testing with dividing data by operating systems, just to illustrate the creation of a decision tree from information obtained from Android and use it for iOS. Results proved the same behavior of accelerometer in every OS, no big contrast between data obtained from these operating systems. This approval granted mixing the data and creating a single decision tree.

The tree could be exported as text, HTML or a PMML file. The text file is a basic textual depiction of the tree in which internal nodes are shown by the predicate which is connected with the node and line indentation is needed for branching structure.
Recognition model begins with collecting data from accelerometer and GPS. Every 3 seconds the information is calculated for feature extracting by using FFT. Eventually, the original decision tree code is used to get a classification result – the recognition activities.

Exponent CMS upload on cPanel

ExponentCMS is a popular web site management framework.  It has its own internal security system to protect against web site hacking.  As a result, on cPanel, which has its own system, the file uploads may not work.  Here is what to do when there are file upload issues:

  • make sure suPHP is enabled in cPanel
  • make sure the default mask is 0022 or 022 in /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf
  • make sure the default mask is 644 in config.php
    Open up the /conf/config.php file and check the following lines: