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How to add a secure cert to IIS on Windows
Category: Windows Published: 2009-05-31

To add an SSL cert to IIS 5 on Windows, you need three separate steps: Create a p12 (pkcs12) cert file: cat server.key server.crt > server.pem openssl pkcs12 -export -in server.pem -out server.p12 -name “server” Import the p12 file into IIS: Start->Run->mmc Ctrl+M Add… Certificates Computer Account Finish Close OK Open “Certificates (Local Computer)” tree […]

How to set up PPTP on Win2k
Category: Windows Published: 2009-05-31

Setting up a folder for PPTP access: Right click and select properties Select Sharing tab Check “Share this folder” and give it a share name Click the permissions button, and make sure that only the right user(s) have permission Setting up user for PPTP: Start->Settings->Network and Dial-up connections->Incoming connections Click users tab Check the check […]

How to find the full email headers (a.k.a. internet headers) in Outlook?
Category: Windows Published: 2009-05-31

To be able to report SPAM, Viruses, or any other problem with email, the system administrators need the full email headers. These can be easily found in Netscape or Mozilla Thunderbird, just by viewing the raw message source, or by selecting View Full Headers in the View menu. However in Outlook 2003 it is a […]

How to clear the DNS cache on Windows?
Category: Windows Published: 2009-05-29

To clear the DNS cache on windows, you can either reboot, or open a DOS window, and run: ipconfig /flushdns

Permanently map network drive without logon (Win2k/Windows 2000 server)
Category: Windows Published: 2009-05-29

If your running Windows 2000 server, or newer, you can edit the server gpo “computer logon script” section to map the drive. This script gets processed before anyone logs on. Here are the detailed steps to do that: Start -> Run -> mmc Add the Group Policy snap-in Console Root -> Local Computer Policy -> […]

How to debug terminal services connectivity with Windows RDC?
Category: Windows Published: 2009-05-29

We found this article most useful to help with terminal services connectivity: Terminal Services Part 2 We also captured a version for archiving perposes in this PDF file.

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