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Turn Security and Compliance Into a Profit Center

You can successfully turn security compliance from being a cost center to be a profit center with the right approach. What is the secret?  What we typically notice when we talk to businesses having to deal with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), is a general resentment of the costs and a fear of the audits. It took a long time to find a tool that was able to get the unknown out of the audits. Can you imagine how good it feels, when you have the same or better tool then your auditor? Imagine you know in advance what they will find, or even what they will not find! Well, that’s just step one. Step two is to turn all the compliance effort to profit.

If you don’t think step one is even possible, you can stop reading on. Instead, ask us for a proof of concept (POC) on your real live data. If you have seen step one done before, I will guess you have seen some powerful GRC tools like Oracle GRC, SAP GRC, or others which can get the job done given enough effort (typically 7 figure projects). Understandably you wonder how can you get a return on investment? We saw the exact same problem. Both for our customers and actually internally as well. Running data-center operations for over 15 years, the compliance burden is ever increasing.  You had SAS 70, then SSAE 16, then PCI certification, then FedRAMP.  The list goes on and on. GRC is a key piece for any of these audits.

Brainwave Identity GRC  (iGRC) is an Identity Analytics and Intelligence Solution. Historically GRC was offered as On-Premise. NewPush leveraged the power of Brainwave to create GRC as a Service. This solution transforms manual identity auditors into iGRC and fraud detection experts. No need to manually maintain spreadsheets and database tables with Active Directory, SAP, and/or various other portal users. Free up time from managing and auditing access compliance. Enable internal and/or external auditors to use the iGRC graphical user interface to easily become Identity Analytics and Intelligence experts. Create compliance reports, detect fraud and high-risk situations such as financial conflicts of interest.

The core engine is powered by Brainwave. Brainwave is a worldwide leading software vendor in Identity Analytics and Intelligence. One of the biggest challenges of the reporting is the hundreds of false positive exceptions generated by most automation tools. The false positive can be eliminated by using a fine-grained approach. The fine-grained user access rights to the information system include accounts, accesses, roles, transactions, responsibilities, etc.

With Brainwave Identity GRC, NewPush enables organizations to significantly reduce the risks of fraud and data breach by continuously ensuring that access to applications and data is securely managed.

To be efficient, you need to be able to look at a 360° coverage of the information system applications and data. You also need to be able to deploy rapidly with a low  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and with rapid ROI (Return on Investment).

Our Identity GRC is an Identity Analytics and Intelligence solution, helping businesses identify and mitigate the risks of fraud and data breach.

Our tools provide automation for governance processes, such as recertification campaigns or access requests, and can complement existing IAM investments. We provide the user experiences that business users demand. A variety of prepackaged analytics and reports enable quick and easy set up of controls to satisfy security and compliance requirements such as PCI access audit reports.

Identity Analytics is the ultimate step in Identity Governance. It is a set of solutions that combines big data and advanced analytics to increase identity-related risk awareness. It enhances IAM processes such as access certification, access request, role management, and eventually, allows you to monitor ‘business processes’ to financially evaluate and drive down the risk of fraud.

Keep control and strengthen your security and compliance

Our Identity GRC powered by Brainwave, is an innovative and particularly efficient Identity Analytics and governance solution, providing an integrated compliance solution based on a proven approach to ensure compliance with automated fine-grained access control, audit reporting and workflow.

The solution delivers access intelligence for all types of legacy and enterprise applications, including the ones in the cloud through an easy and non-intrusive agentless/connectorless ‘easy to maintain’ architecture. With Brainwave Identity GRC, organizations have full coverage by extending governance, security and compliance visibility spanning the 360° information system.

Identity Analytics

Identity Analytics is a developing set of solutions, which enhances risk-awareness regarding identity security issues. We enable organizations to improve their IAM processes thanks to accessing request and certification features, risk scoring and business process risk-aware analysis.

Brainwave Identity GRC allows you to meet your regulatory compliance obligations and to mitigate your risks of fraud and data breach. Its revolutionary Identity Analytics technology gives you the power to monitor and control user access rights and interactions in continuous mode.

This cartography, based on users, applications, data and logs is stored in the Brainwave’s Identity catalog. It is analyzed by the Identity Analytics engine, allowing you to navigate a multi-dimensional space (built on dimensions as user, account, organization, permission, process, and activity). In this space, the Identity Analytics engine enables the security auditors to identify exceptions and detect methodically each toxic combination of access rights.

Identity GRC provides unique access to analyze and evaluate risks inside a ‘business process’. This, in turn, gives access to evaluate the real financial exposure to fraud, especially difficult to otherwise detect when a ‘business process’ involves multiple applications, organizations, people, and usage.

Access certifications

The Brainwave engine is validating that users’ access rights align with their role within the organization is essential to comply with regulations and to govern information integrity. Identity GRC automates the closed loop process from users’ access rights validation to mitigation confirmation in order to reduce the risk of noncompliance and ultimately improve overall risk situations.

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