Managed Services

Keeping up with the latest technology improvements and the costs of managing them can be very demanding. At NewPush, our mission is to make the latest improvements accessible and cost-effective. Instead of adding more headcount and purchasing more equipment and software, our customers leverage the expert staff at NewPush to enable them to quickly get ahead of their competition, manage their business more effectively and increase revenue.

We know that every customer is unique, and every solution needs to be tailored accordingly.  At NewPush, we understand that cookie-cutter products aren’t what most businesses need.  We use simple and reliable solution frameworks carefully adapted to each customer need.

We are a global company with customers spread across three continents, so our clients can leverage our purpose-built infrastructure. We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions to government organizations, public companies and medium-size businesses. Our engineers solve demanding customer’s requirements that are beyond the scope of traditional providers. As an IBM Business Partner, we afford our customers smart technologies that enable faster time to market, increased performance, better value and reliability.

Our managed services are split into three categories.