Cybersecurity is a huge challenge in our industry. Hardly a week passes without major news related to cybersecurity breaches. It is no longer only the lonely security hacker, who can now increase the computing power exponentially by using a 3rd party cloud IaaS offering, but also state or organizational hacking, often from abroad. Such well organized attacks are similar to a well run project: reconnaissance, attack planning, attack execution and results analysis, after which the whole cycle starts again. Any system is only as secure as its weakest point. A successful cybersecurity attack can be very costly both financially and to the client brand. While no one can provide a 100% cybersecurity, understanding cybersecurity and what different cloud providers offer in this key area should be a key element in cloud provider decision making, as well as how quickly the client can be up and running in the hopefully unlikely case of a successful breach. Understanding what cybersecurity protection is included in a cloud offering is thus key for cloud customers. How secure is your cloud provider and when did you last see the results of their audit?

NewPush Cybersecurity

At NewPush we think of cybersecurity first when creating infrastructure for our clients. We do internal audits and use external auditors to monitor cybersecurity. We provide HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance. We capitalize on cybersecurity features of the products we use – e.g. VMWare NSX solution that comes standard with our enterprise hosting – and have deployed advanced technologies in this area.

Our Offerings

As we mentioned we provide HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance, and other solutions that are requirements for these or other compliance, as Log Management and Firewall IDS IPS management. We have also multiple backup solutions, Enterprise Backup for servers, and also for end users, Secure Backup with Secure File Sharing option. We are offering also Secure Certificates and more importantly Inbound and Outbound Spam Filtering solution that can be paired with Email Archive option.