Hosting Solutions

Please see the summary of our Hosting Services below.

Cloud Solutions

NP Cloud Solutions logoWith our Cloud Hosting services we meet our customers’ needs with customized, and individualized solutions no matter how complex or demanding they may. Find out more.

Dedicated Virtual Servers

vmWare logoOur cloud based dedicated Virtual Server service’s main characteristics are the market leader’s competitive pricing, application layer support offerings for low price, powerful VMware virtualization with advanced IBM based hardware with opportunity to extend your infrastructure to a hybrid cloud-based service. For pricing and more details click here.

Web hosting solutions

cPanel logoThe classic, proven cPanel based hosting environment, which allows you to create and manage the email system of your business, a good place for your website and databases. For pricing and more details click here.

Related services:

  • Secure Backup & File Share – Don’t forget the data on your computer, synchronize between devices and create backup from your folders easily.
  • Secure Server Backup – Keep your server data that is outside of NewPush safe. Your servers at NewPush are always safe.
  • Website design, upgrade and maintenance – If you don’t have website, we are creating you one, but we don’t stop here. Your website is outdated or hard to maintain? We upgrade it for you.
  • SSL Certificates – Need a certificate for your server or website? Order from NewPush and we are installing it for your service.
  • Spam filer solution – If you need a reliable, but easily managable spam filter solution, look no further.
  • Virtual Desktop & Applications – Use the VMware Horizon based Virtual Desktop and Applications from any device anywhere.
  • More… don’t forget to review all of our Managed and Consulting Services for more interesting offerings.

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