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Connective Platform™ Summary Document

Signing an MSSP is a costly and time consuming process.


Correct. When companies are testing new waters, the crawl-walk-run approach seems to work best, and moving from an in-house security team to a third-party MSSP is no exception. Start small. Have prospective vendors demo their product with your company’s own data before choosing a contractor. Have the new contractor first show their expertise on a project with a limited budget and fixed time frame.

There are many benefits to using an MSSP as opposed to an in-house team: with fewer employees, there’s the potential to save on cost not just in the IT department, but in supporting departments as well; specialists are getting harder to find, and the best among them require more than just a cushy chair and an eye-watering salary, they also want professional challenges that a company working in infosec is better suited to provide; and with an outside vendor, your company can expect 24/7 protection, providing continual detection and response to potential cyberattacks.

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