Installing the DB2 9.5 Client on AIX 6.1

  • In case an application such as the IBM Systems Director needs the DB2 client to be installed, the process has a couple of pitfalls. Here are steps that make the installation very simple.
  • Download the DB2 client from IBM:
  • Create a directory and unpack the tarball in that directory, and install the client:
    wget ''
    mkdir db2
    cd db2
    gtar xvzf ../v9.5_aix64_client.tar.gz
    cd client
  • Create users in the system for the client to use:
    mkgroup -'A' id='999' db2iadm1
    mkgroup -'A' id='998' db2fadm1
    mkgroup -'A' id='997' dasadm1
    useradd -u 1004 -g db2iadm1 -m -d /home/db2inst1 db2inst1
    useradd -u 1003 -g db2fadm1 -m -d /home/db2fenc1 db2fenc1
    useradd -u 1002 -g dasadm1 -m -d /home/dasusr1 dasusr1
  • Create a client instance for the client to use:
    /opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/instance/db2icrt -a server -u db2fenc1 db2inst1
  • Add the db2 profile to the default profile:
    echo ". /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile" >> /etc/profile
  • Test the db2 client:
    su - someuser
  • Add DB2 servers to the catalog:
    db2 catalog tcpip node node_name remote fqdn_of_db2_server server port_number_of _server_instance
    db2 catalog database database_name at node node_name authentication server
  • At that point you are ready to test the database connection:
    db2 connect to database_name user user_name using user_password