iSCSI target on NetApp for AIX 6.1 and VIOS 2.1


iSCSI is much more flexible and easy to manage then a fibre channel (FC) infrastructure. There is a performance penalty of course, but in many cases the performance penalty is well worth the management benefits. This article will show how to set up the NetApp as a target and the AIX or VIOS host as the client for iSCSI LUNs.


Setting up the NetApp

iscsi nodename
igroup create -i -t aix aixgroup
lun create -s 200g /vol/iscsi/aix1
lun map /vol/test/aix.lun aixgroup
lun show -g aix

Setting up the AIX host

oslevel -r
lslpp -l | grep -i iscsi
echo " 3260" > /etc/iscsi/targets
lsdev -C | grep iscsi
lsattr -El iscsi0
chdev -l iscsi0 -a
lsdev -Cc disk
cfgmgr -l iscsi0
lsdev -Cc disk