Lotus Protector for Mail Security

Enterprise Class Email Protection

If you need to go beyond classic SPAM and Virus filtering for your IBM Domino environment, we recommend you take a look at Lotus Protector for Mail Security. Starting at only $29.50 one time license fee per user, it is easy to see how the ROI over 1 year beats most commercially available solutions, and the ROI the 2nd year can mean as much as 75% savings over comparable solutions. A 90 day trial is available to test drive the product.

How to find the full email headers (a.k.a. internet headers) in Outlook?

To be able to report SPAM, Viruses, or any other problem with email, the system administrators need the full email headers. These can be easily found in Netscape or Mozilla Thunderbird, just by viewing the raw message source, or by selecting View Full Headers in the View menu. However in Outlook 2003 it is a little bit harder. You need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the header of the email you need to work with
  • Right Click on the same header in question
  • Select Options...

You will then see the information you need under Internet Headers.

How to I add my aliases to my Postini SPAM and Anti-Virus filter?

To make sure that all the various aliases you accept emails for are covered by your Anti-Virus and SPAM filter, log on to your Postini account management console by clicking here. Don’t worry if you forgot your password, as Postini will resend it to you if you just ask for that option from the login window. Once you are logged in, add any emails that you receive an email for in the “Alias” mailbox, one at a time. If somebody in the same domain already signed up for one of these aliases, it will give you an error message. That is OK because that alias is already filtered then. For each alias that you add, you will receive a confirmation email, with a clickable link that you can use to confirm the addition of that alias.

Is SPAM filtering available?

Yes, we have two kinds of SPAM filter available.

  • If you have Ensim control panel, your hosting includes a complimentary SPAM filter accessible from your control panel when you log in as site admin. Any emails sent to your account will be scanned for possible SPAM, email that is identified as SPAM is blocked. The filter blocks about 80% of SPAM and you can customize to some extent its behaviour.
  • If you would like a high-end state of the art SPAM filtering, we have the Postini powered SPAM and AntiVirus filter available. Postini offers a full scale of SPAM and AntiVirus controls that will virtually eliminate all SPAM and Viruses arriving to your mailbox. Postini also offers an online management center where you can view quarantined email and fine tune your preferences.