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Attack Surface Management Reimagined

Transparency, Accuracy, and Reliability

The Central Hub

The Connective Platform™ simplifies the visibility of complete Cybersecurity risk coverage. The Connective Platform™ works in complex operating environments, employing large data sets, creating data relationships and contextual references to spot problems and prioritize vulnerabilities and threats to minimize cyber risk. By synthesizing the status of all Cybersecurity tools in one command & control visualization The Connective Platform™ supports decision-making based on situational awareness.

Sound security is not an afterthought

Reach and sustain compliance with confidence

TCP Shield is a disruptive cybersecurity tool that gives cybersecurity leaders a full view of their threat surface. TCP Shield aggregates and organizes data created by existing cyber tools used by your organization to ensure that no gaps in security are left unnoticed.

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TCP Identity comprises of Identity Access Management (IAM) and Identity Governance Administration (IGA) solutions that simplify user access/provisioning processes through predictive and autonomous governance.

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TCP Vigilance is a cybersecurity awareness program that helps protect your organization from the dangers of phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering by providing in-depth training and ongoing assessment for everyone in the organization.

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