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Wondering if your digital transformation is going to fail?

Connective Identity

Identity Governance and Administration

A solution that enables IGA projects to perform to their fullest potential. Connective Identity makes it easier for your team, consultants, and system integrators to access the tools for key IGA functions and gradually increase your capabilities. Continuous compliance is possible, and the processes of provisioning and de-provisioning can be automated.


Simplify your workflows

In recent decades, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enabled organizations to sidestep the laborious and time-consuming tasks by automating them. This technology has the potential to revolutionize business operations, but unless it is correctly managed, RPA could cause more harm than good. Learn how to take your business forward with the deployment of technology in the best possible way.


What is BPMN?

BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation, which is a way that businesses can better understand their internal processes through graphical representations. It allows us the chance to communicate procedures, performance collaborations, and business transactions. BPMN can promote the understanding of business processes and participants, and it enables the chance to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

What are the benefits of Connective Identity?

Identity Governance and Administration that delivers projects that are more secure and easier to implement, at a more affordable cost.

Connective Identity can guarantee a 100% ROI for IGA projects started with Identity Analytics. This is made possible by reducing vulnerabilities at an earlier stage in project development, prioritizing high-value, low-risk capabilities, and increasing the chances of meeting project requirements.

Consider specialist IAM tools and IGA innovations, as well as alternative platforms and technologies. There are specialist tools with IGA capabilities in various areas, such as identity analytics, Active Directory management, and SoD controls monitoring. Then increase your IGA capabilities with your vendors.

Gartner recommends using specialized IGA, stand-alone tools for discrete IGA functions, and nonsecurity tools such as ITSM and HCM. Connective Identity offers capabilities in identity analytics, identity lifestyle management & governance, access rights management & governance, and governance on the fly.

Connective Identity allows you to fully map the controls of NIST and ISO 27000. You can use analytics to advance your IGA deployments and easily manage identity administration and governance, automate provisioning and de-provisioning, and introduce continuous compliance and controls.

Connective Identity is a flexible, agile, user friendly platform that enables you to deliver your IGA projects on time and within budget.

The Connective Identity core consists of a portal, RPA engine, and analytic engine. The portal is for communication with system integrators, internal team, and consultants. The RPA engine powers enterprise governance, business processes, and a best practices library. The analytic engine powers identity & HR data, ERP, and legacy, cloud & applications.

Identity analytics includes identity lifecycle specifications, identity lifecycle data models, identity analytical reports, and data quality reports & cleanup. Identity lifecycle management & governance includes identity lifecycle management portals, identity approbation workflows, identity provisioning, and identity governance and remediation.