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Reliable customer support

NewPush Support

At NewPush we understand that the world isn’t perfect and plans don’t always work out in the first attempt. That’s why we make sure help is always at hand to deal with those technical issues that lead to insurmountable challenges. The customer support that we provide is reliable, informed, and extremely helpful at the worst of times.

Support that completes the customer experience

NewPush provides customer support that is available at all times, efficient, and effective, so your difficult issues will be dealt with in a workable time frame.

Our telephone support is provided by our partner, HandyNetworks, and it is available on a 24/7 basis. This means that whenever you are facing difficulties that need to be addressed, we will always be ready to provide the answer. Whatever the issue, we are here to help out.

NewPush provides a robust ticket system from WHMCS that enables the handling of all communications with clients in a more effective way. This includes private notes, predefined replies, threaded discussions, ticket flagging, and prioritizing cases by client or severity.

Our support system allows us to effectively handle your Service Level Agreement (SLA) so each case can be dealt with accordingly. This makes possible a customer support service that is more specific and informed, and it can be an excellent way of saving time.

The ticket system and tag cloud that we use mean that we can link tickets reporting a common issue. Case IDs from an external system can be saved for when we need to follow up on a resolved ticket. This ensures the ticket system is easier to manage, faster, and more efficient.