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The Connective Platform™

Innovation in Cybersecurity

As a global leader in federated cyber protection helping Organizations leverage Federated Cybersecurity and Attack Surface Management (ASM) covering Assets (CAASM), People (SAT), and Access (IAM+IGA), NewPush works with CIOs and CISOs to help them successfully develop and execute their cybersecurity, risk reduction, and compliance programs. 

NewPush created The Connective Platform™ to provide a holistic, comprehensive approach that ensures that the security posture of an enterprise is completely understood, examined, exposed, and continuously remediated.

Established in 1999

With more than two decades of experience, NewPush began by providing a range of full-service hosting solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our very first customer was a mid-sized food manufacturer operating in the field of organic agriculture.

Continual Growth

Within a few years, NewPush acquired hundreds of business customers as the company worked on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology. We soon earned the trust of large-scale organizations and began to focus on cybersecurity for enterprise customers.

Valuable Experience

We currently have hundreds of customers in fields such as public transportation, consumer goods, technology, and media. Working on challenging projects throughout cybersecurity and IT compliance has led NewPush to becoming a thought leader in the industry with valuable subject matter expertise and experience.

Connective Platform™

The Connective Platform™ was created with the intention of enabling customers to rationalize their cybersecurity investment and generate ROI by creating opportunities for operational effectiveness beyond security and compliance.

Our Focus

With more than 5,000 customers in Europe and  in North America and Europe, NewPush offers services in various areas. These include web hosting, IaaSIT infrastructure, cybersecurity, identity management, data protection, website development, application development, and analytics.

Benefits for Our Clients

NewPush brings forth quality, reliable services at an affordable cost. We offer our own data center hosting capabilities within the US, Europe, and through IBM SoftLayer data centers around the world. Our services extend to clients with HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements, or any additional cybersecurity needs.


Executive Team

Balázs Nagy


Balázs has worked with billion-dollar corporations as well as start-ups, building a strong professional background in cybersecurity. After co-founding NewPush in 1999, Balázs went on to design and supervise the deployment of complex cybersecurity solutions, fast credit card payment systems, fare collection systems, and analytics systems. More recently, he has designed compliance systems for SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and leveraging the HITRUST CSF. Balázs now focuses on the Connective Platform™.

Dino Minuti

Chief Operating Officer

Dino has extensive experience driving the product vision and implementation of enterprise-wide global solutions. After founding and growing a software consulting firm for 15+ years, Dino brought his skills and leadership to several large global companies across various industry domains.  His ability to bridge technology and business requirements has allowed him to deliver information security solutions that become core foundational components within the IT enterprise landscape. As a new member of the NewPush leadership team, Dino is responsible for the Product engineering and SaaS vision of The Connective Platform.

Steve Hultquist


Steve is a visionary with international senior-level management, consulting, cybersecurity, and product development experience. He joined NewPush in May 2023 as CIO. His extensive experience in securing a wide range of networks and systems, including for the largest global gaming network, government entities, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, the largest oil producer in the world, and many more provides him a unique and holistic perspective on security and systems design. His controversial stance on where security organizations should be focused together with his position on eliminating IT silos make him an important voice for sane security.

Zsófia Csaba-Tóth

General Manager

Zsófia brings 15 years of experience in managing people and projects in various roles. Throughout her career she has gained expertise creating internal policies and processes for organizations, administering contracts for customers, employees, and partners, and also managing relationships with those partners. Zsófia has been part of the NP team since July 2021 working as General Manager of NP Europe and its subsidiaries, MikroVPS and Computer Hospital, leading the Security Awareness and QA team.

Balázs “BT” Tóth


BT has been part of multiple million-dollar projects, gaining a good understanding of enterprise processes and implementations. He has built his expertise through over a decade of working in the fields of IT System Engineering, Project Management, and Operations, and his responsibilities connect these varied areas. BT joined NewPush in 2013 as an intern. Today, his main area is delivering solutions built on the Connective Platform™ —specifically around identity and “zero trust” leveraging best of breed tools such as Brainwave GRC.

László Rácz

Executive Director of Infra and SecOps

With a broad experience of working as Lead Developer, System Architect, and CTO, László designed and delivered wide-ranging operations from Crypto Mining, through fully automated Digital Agencies from the ground up. Lászlo joined NewPush in 2020 with a focus on cybersecurity, onboarding best-of-breed security applications, and blockchain technology to the Connective Platform™.

Jonathan Beckham

Legal Counsel

Jonathan Beckham serves as outside counsel from Akerman for NewPush. He is an accomplished attorney specializing in corporate and technology transactions, providing expert counsel to technology leaders, enterprise clients, and investors. With extensive experience in cloud and telecommunications transactions, licensing agreements, and M&A deals, Jonathan offers practical solutions tailored to individual client needs. He has a strong track record of serving as outside general counsel and has led impactful corporate finance transactions. Jonathan's notable work includes advising data center providers and representing payment processing and retail firms. He is your trusted partner for navigating complex technology and corporate transactions.