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NewPush Corporate Ethics Policy

Corporate Behavior

NewPush works to improve profitability through sound business activities and to achieve dynamic development so as to benefit society. To this end, NewPush is aware of the need to enhance its corporate value not only by observing all relevant laws and regulations but also by fulfilling its social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. At the same time, NewPush must win the trust of customers, investors, suppliers, the community at large, and its employees.

Attaining Customer Satisfaction

NewPush earns customer satisfaction and confidence by developing and offering beneficial and reliable products and services and by paying careful attention to safety.

Conducting Fair Corporate Activities

NewPush promotes fair, transparent, and free competition between corporations and ensures that its relationships and dealing with government agencies and political bodies are of normal and proper nature.

Protecting Human Rights

NewPush respects human rights in all its corporate activities, never accepting any discriminatory practices or child or forced labor. Treating each other with dignity, respect and fairness is the foundation of good business conduct. NewPush respects the human, cultural, and legal rights of individuals and communities. Discrimination against any employee or person with whom we do business on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ethnic group, covered veteran, or other legally protected status is not permitted.

Valuing employees

NewPush respects each employee’s individuality and creates work environments where all its employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and carry out their jobs with enthusiasm.

Preserving the Global Environment

NewPush reduces the impact on the global environment by recycling.

Disclosing Information

NewPush delivers accurate and sufficient corporate information in a timely, clear, and appropriate manner while enhancing the transparency of its corporate activities.

Protecting Intellectual Property and Personal Information

NewPush recognizes the value of intellectual property and personal information and properly manages them.


NewPush constantly pays attention to security and helps its customers improve their cybersecurity by offering more and more cybersecurity-related services.

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