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Global Leader in CAASM: The Future of Information Security Protection

The Central Hub

Reaching complete Cybersecurity coverage is nearly an impossible goal and yet it’s essential. When security falls short by even a tiny bit, hackers sneak in costing the company millions of dollars.

The Connective Platform™ simplifies visibility by reporting the status of all Cybersecurity tools in one place.

With one central hub, it’s easy to spot errors and prioritize the most vulnerable issues so you can immediately deploy resources to solving that problem.

The Connective Platform™ enables operational effectiveness

Aside from empowering the CEO, CIO, and CISO, the Connective Platform™ provides a new level of operational efficiency and productivity throughout the organization. The platform allows a broad view of operations in various locations as well as their security controls, vulnerabilities, and any other security issues that need attention. Allowing this data to be securely accessible enables a company to reach its optimal effectiveness.

The Connective Platform™ portal provides clarity and confidence for the CEO

The Connective Platform™ delivers a complete and accurate summary of all security risks across an organization in real-time. CEOs gain a clear understanding of where and how their networks are exposed, in addition to the effectiveness of actions being taken to reduce their cyber risk. With these measures in place, correct actions can be taken to improve the quality of the organization’s cybersecurity program.

The Connective Platform™ enables “zoom-in” for the CIO

The Connective Platformallows CIOs to “zoom” into the processes that directly affect their everyday concerns. The Connective Platform highlights the areas in greatest need of remediation in terms of threats, vulnerability exposure, and other key areas. This puts the CIO in complete control of security issues that they need to address, and helps solve problems before they arise.

Sound security is not an afterthought

Reach and sustain compliance with confidence

Connective Shield is a business-friendly solution that gives leaders the control they need. From the discovery of organizational assets to risk management, the key is having the right tool to achieve compliance and security hygiene.

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Security and risk management leaders who are responsible for IAM commonly seek IGA innovations and alternative platforms for predictive/autonomous governance. In this position, you should look no further than Connective Identity.

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In any organization, security is everyone's business and all personnel needs to become a human firewall. More than just a top-notch training platform, we offer user profiling, engagement, and incident response to empower your team.

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The Connective Platform™ enables “drill-down” for the CISO

The Connective Platformallows CISOs to have critical data at their fingertips at all times, creating empowerment and efficiency throughout cybersecurity operations. For the CISO, this could involve grades for WAS and WAF coverage or open vulnerabilities on protected or unprotected apps in different departments.

Disruptive Innovation in Cybersecurity

Don’t be left behind in a rapidly shifting cyber landscape


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