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Which is a better KPI to measure the success of a solution?

Sound security is not an afterthought

Reach and sustain compliance with confidence

TrACE Shield is a business-friendly solution that gives leaders the control they need. From the discovery of organizational assets to risk management, the key is having the right tool to achieve compliance and security hygiene.

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Security and risk management leaders who are responsible for IAM commonly seek IGA innovations and alternative platforms for predictive/autonomous governance. In this position, you should look no further than TrACE Identity.

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In any organization, security is everyone's business and all personnel needs to become a human firewall. More than just a top-notch training platform, we offer user profiling, engagement, and incident response to empower your team.

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Complete vulnerability management with asset discovery, advanced reconciliation, and de-duplication

By using TrACE Shield it is possible to gain asset information and enhance the data linked to an asset. We do this by gathering information to correlate assets, de-duplicate assets, then arrive at a vulnerability risk that can be used for remediation purposes. TrACE Vigilance provides a view of all systems and applications by linking asset information of current investments, which exposes the technical vulnerabilities and the places where remediation is needed.

Do you feel security vendors take advantage of tenuous situations?

Run IGA projects with impact

With a user-friendly application that takes IGA to your consultants, internal team, and system integrators, TrACE Identity is a simpler way of managing identity administration and governance. You can close the gaps to make your operations more secure and efficient, then enjoy high returns on your investment. Now your IGA projects will always be on-time and on-budget.

Do you feel they've got you covered but you're still not quite comfortable?

Make your team stronger against all threats

The TrACE Vigilance solution makes all of your employees aware of the full range of cyber attacks that threaten your organization at any time. Our reporting features show the effectiveness of training over time, and our customizable phishing tests identify your high-risk employees. You can use our wide selection of training content, and take assessments that make clear what can be improved in the security of your organization.

TrACE Platform for increased security

Cybercriminals are quickly becoming more advanced and posing more threats to security teams and professionals around the world. This means security programs need to attain continually higher levels of defense to address new and more developed attacks and keep business operations secure.

Customer Support

At NewPush, our valued business customers always come first. We have developed over 500 customers by providing a high-quality service that they will always return to. This includes the best standard of customer support at all times, so our customers can always find a solution to their problems. Through our customer support, you will know that we are always there for you.

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