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The vast majority of threats need humans to activate them. Do you have the deactivate button?

Vigilance with KnowBe4

Security Awareness Training

Connective Vigilance security awareness training protects your organization from the dangers of phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering by bringing them to the immediate attention of your employees. Through in-depth training and ongoing assessment, the entire company will be made aware of each and every cyber threat before they fall victim to an attack.

Training Materials

Use our content to extend your expertise

Our vast library of training content has three access training levels and more than 1,000 training items in over 30 languages. This covers all cyber threats, such as spear phishing, social engineering, and ransomware, as well as practical steps that team members can take to increase resilience. Tests can be taken before and after training to show how vulnerable your users are.

Phishing Security Tests

Maximize your security

We offer a selection of more than 5,000 phishing security test templates as well as customizable test templates. We also send simulated phishing tests to help train your employees to become more cyber-aware and give you a better understanding of your internal cybersecurity risks.

What are the benefits of Connective Vigilance?

When it comes to cybersecurity, you cannot afford to be any less than 100% secure. With Connective Vigilance, you are creating a human-firewall that will protect your organization from network intrusions.

It only takes a single vulnerability to result in a security failure, but there is every reason that this can be avoided. When you have achieved security intelligence that extends throughout the organization with no stone left unturned, lamentable data breaches will be a thing of the past.

As hackers are making use of every method and device they can to exploit every vulnerability, users need to be made fully aware of the ever-increasing new challenges to security. Data breaches will most likely be caused by internal actors, but most of these are unintentional and the result of insufficient training.

Connective Vigilance enables you to turn your entire workforce into cyber-aware users. Cybersecurity needs to work from the ground up, creating a culture where best security practices are being used throughout the organization. This type of approach will reduce the human-risk factor in your organization’s cybersecurity program and lead to much higher returns on security investment.

Connective Vigilance brings you the most comprehensive, powerful, and reliable platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing. It is the largest in the world with more than 35,000 customers. We employ experts such as IT security consultant and former hacker Kevin Mitnick to share their thorough understanding of security systems.

The Connective Vigilance content library includes over 1000 training items that cover topics such as spear phishing, social engineering, and ransomware across over 30 different languages.

Connective Vigilance includes the Phish Prone Percentage™ feature, which tells you how employees perform when sent simulated phishing emails. This can be tracked over time to identify which users need training in different areas of cybersecurity.