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Kaseya 2021 - Thousands Compromised in Latest Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack whose sophistication and scale go beyond anything we've ever seen has recently hit Kaseya, an IT Management Software provider. We look into what has been uncovered so far, and what experts think will happen next.

Passwords - Nothing stays secret forever

Secure and protected passwords are the bedrock of every user’s internet security, but coming up with new passwords for each account, as well as securely storing all your data presents a daily challenge.

Reactions to The SolarWinds Orion Hack

The SolarWinds attack was, to date, the largest scale cyber attack that affected hundreds of organisations. Because it went undetected for so long, its reach and effects are still the subject of investigation, and there will be ongoing debate as to the ways to prevent such attacks in the future.

The Little Card That Could

Scammers get very creative in gaining access to user data, and some US mobile providers' security systems allow for a little-thought-of way in. What is a SIM Swap Scam, and how can it be avoided?

Building a human firewall —an essential weapon in your arsenal

Technical aspects of cybersecurity aside, improving employee training is the best investment a company can make. Let's look at social engineering tactics, Smishing and Phishing, and the training programme Kevin Mitnick developed.

Four Vulnerabilities of Higher Education in IT Security

Cybercrime shot up in 2020, and institutes of higher education are near the top of the target list. Hackers looking for ways in have an easy job with faculty and students largely unaware of the dangers and unfamiliar with phishing tactics.

Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Sector in the New Normal

The major trends that have affected the healthcare industry in the coronavirus period as a way of preparing the organizations involved.

Best Security Practices for Enterprises in the Post-COVID World

Best Security Practices for Enterprises in the Post-COVID World

How to Safeguard Data When the Majority of Your Workforce is Remote?

A summary of measures taken to protect data when employees are working remotely.

Tinkering with Raspberry Pi 8GB

This summer of 2020, the long awaited 8GB version of the Raspberry PI 4 came out. Along with that hardware update came other goodies: USB boot: USB Gadget Image Builder (to have a fully functioning local network with you iPad Pro over USB C: 

Business Identity Theft: How You Can Protect Your Business

Did you know that in the U.S someone falls victim to identity theft once every two seconds? In 2017 alone, 60 million Americans were affected by identity theft, with the annual cost of this kind of fraud in the U.S being a staggering billion. Of course, it is not just individuals who are at […]

Set up automatic updates for Brew on Mac OS X

Automated updates for the core OS has been available for several years now on Macs, and Apple has added the ability to update automatically apps you have added from the AppStore as well. However, if you have installed open source apps with Brew, chances are that you may forget to update them regularly. This is […]

Tinkering with CryptoMining

If you are in SecOps, you probably have seen the threat of CryptoMiners running on compromised hosts. This article may not be for you, but if you would like to dive deeper inside of the working of crypto-mining you will find a few resources here to get you started. For the example I use the […]

Your own background in MS Teams

This is an undocumented feature as of this writing, but on Windows you can upload a background image to MS Teams here: %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads   Stay tuned for Mac OS X

How Healthcare Can Use Sports as a Means of Funding

Sport is a universal activity that is respected around the world. The top sports players make more than most academics and even business people, and they draw in crowds. As an institution in healthcare, having a good sports team can be a boon for your institution. It can bring in more funding, more patients, and […]

How to Have a Productive Lunch Break

During long working days, a lunch break is something that everyone looks forward to. Whether it be to step outside and get some fresh air or to regain their energy after a long morning in the office, it is something that is integral to having a positive working day. Yet it could be that you […]

4 Ways to Achieve Transparency in Healthcare

In recent years, healthcare providers and insurance plans have come under fire from criticism of every political angle. The biggest issue among patients is whether they are paying the right amount for the best quality of care; when such a large sum of money must cover medical fees, it is no surprise that they want […]

Cyber Security Advice for Medical Practices

The sudden increase in cyber attacks happening all around the world is not without its reasons. More than 80% of information – including private details about ourselves – are now stored digitally. Every information is valuable to attackers, which is why we are now seeing more attacks as well as new forms of attacks targeting […]

Getting Started in Online Marketing for Established Businesses

A lot of small businesses still don’t have a fully functioning website or much of an online presence at all. You may have a page that lists your opening hours and contact details, or you may have entries in online directories, but when someone tries to find out more about your business, they are met […]

Data Loss: The Impact It Has On Businesses

There are no boundaries to data loss, it happens to companies of all shapes and sizes, from large corporations to small startups. The main issue with data loss is the fact that it can strike at any time, resulting in a domino-like effect of serious consequences for the business. Wondering how data loss can impact […]

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