Do you have an authentication routine, like htpasswd to protect web pages?

Authentication in Apache is done through htaccess, either from the configuration file or from the .htaccess file in a given directory. Note that only full directories can be easily protected with this method.
Here is how: (first log in to the shell, as this method only works if
you have shell access)

  • $ cd …/html/protected_dir
  • $ cat > .htaccess
  • AuthType Basic
  • Authname “Protected KLC directory”
  • AuthUserFile ../../control/htpasswd
  • AuthGroupFile /dev/null
  • Require valid-user
  • +d
  • $ htpasswd -c ../../control/htpasswd user_name
  • [give passwd]

After the file is created for the first time, to
add more users:

$ htpasswd ../../control/htpasswd user_name

There are also more sophisticated authentication schemes available, that allow database-driven authentication. Please contact us for more information about those solutions.

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