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How to upgrade Chili!ASP (SUN One ASP)

Virag Ivankay


The modules need to be recompiled for the new version of Apache. Here are the steps:

  # mkdir -p /opt/casp/module/linux2_optimized/apache_[version]/eapi  # cd /opt/casp/module/source/build/  # apxs -c mod_casp2.c  # cp /opt/casp/module/linux2_optimized/apache_[version]/eapi  # ./configure-server

The initial configuration reports:

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| SERVER CONFIGURATION COMPLETE                                               ||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||  Your server was successfully configured.  Its information is as follows:   || Server installed (asp-server-3000):                                         ||   Associated Web server conf file: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf               ||   Associated Web server port: 80                                            ||   Location: /opt/casp/asp-server-3000                                       ||   Port: 3000                                                                ||   Samples: Enabled.                                                         ||   Documentation: Enabled.                                                   ||   Automatic ASP start on system boot: Enabled.                              ||   ASP started: Yes.                                                         ||   ASP start script: /opt/casp/asp-server-3000/startcaspd                    ||   ASP stop script: /opt/casp/asp-server-3000/stopcaspd                      ||   ASP general control script: /opt/casp/asp-server-3000/caspctrl            ||   Samples URL:                 ||                                                                             | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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