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Is SPAM filtering available?

Virag Ivankay


Yes, we have two kinds of SPAM filter available.

  • If you have Ensim control panel, your hosting includes a complimentary SPAM filter accessible from your control panel when you log in as site admin. Any emails sent to your account will be scanned for possible SPAM, email that is identified as SPAM is blocked. The filter blocks about 80% of SPAM and you can customize to some extent its behaviour.
  • If you would like a high-end state of the art SPAM filtering, we have the Postini powered SPAM and AntiVirus filter available. Postini offers a full scale of SPAM and AntiVirus controls that will virtually eliminate all SPAM and Viruses arriving to your mailbox. Postini also offers an online management center where you can view quarantined email and fine tune your preferences.

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