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How to install WordPress on a Dedicated Server (works for shared hosting too)

Balázs Nagy


This solution has been contributed by Jayson Schildt from LNXI.-------------------------------------------------------------Notes on my WordPress installation and Import of Movable Type-------------------------------------------------------------- Download the tarball of wordpress from their site: upload the tarball to the webserver and untar in /documentroot.\tIt creates the /wordpress/ directory.- modify the /wordpress/wp-config-sample.php file.\tThe following are the only lines that need to be edited:\t------------------------------------------------------\t// ** MySQL settings ** //\tdefine('DB_NAME', 'db_name');     // The name of the database\tdefine('DB_USER', 'db_user');     // Your MySQL username\tdefine('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_passwd'); // ...and password\tdefine('DB_HOST', 'db_server');     // 99% chance you won't need to change this value\t------------------------------------------------------\tSave as wp-config.php.- chmod -R 777 the entire /wordpress directory.- Go to the following address in your webbrowser:\t\tfollow the instructions.- After logging in to wordpress the following user setup is critical,\tespecially if your migrating a movable type installation.\t- login as admin, and go to  for the admin user.\t- modify the profile of admin to match the username and profile\t  of your movable type user.\t- change your passwd and submit.\t- goto the  tab and verify that admin has now been changed to\t  {username}.- Login ad Admin from now on and when you post an entry it will show\tit as being made by the username.-----------------------------Optional Changes------------------------------ Goto  tab and verify that all paths are correct, and\tmodify the "tagline" field.\t- change the e-mail address and also make a note of the membership\t\tsettings.- The main file to manipulate for content is /wordpress/index.php\t- when you have it setup the way you want, use it as a template for\t  the rest of your pages.-------------------------------------------------------------Movable Type export/import procedure-------------------------------------------------------------- login to movable type, goto manage weblog, export/import weblog.- click "export blog" at the bottom of the screen and capture the\toutput to a flat text file called - import.txt.\t** Note:  IE sucks because it will turn this into HTML.  To\tget around this, use a _real_ web browser.- cp the export into /doc_root/wordpress/wp-admin/import.txt- Edit the file:  import-mt.php\t\tChange this line:\t----------------------------------------------------\tdefine('MTEXPORT', '');\tdefine('MTEXPORT', 'import.txt');\t----------------------------------------------------- That's it.  Make sure that the import.txt file is (777) and then open yourbrowser to this page: Follow the instructions (click click click)- Set up user accounts and import old users.- That's pretty much it.  There are, of course, many tweaks and customizationplugins that can be enabled.  Plugins and documentation can be found here: fun with WP.

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