Mount CD/DVD in an AIX or Linux LPAR

To mount a CD or DVD in an LPAR, first you need to use the media library to assign one of the CDs in the library to the LPAR. For example, using the ivm inteface:

  1. Click on the lpar name in the “View/Modify Partitions” section
  2. Select the optical devices tab
  3. Create a virtual optical device if there isn’t one yet
  4. Click modify under current media
  5. Select the CD or DVD from the library
  6. Click OK

Then, you need to mount the media inside the AIX or Linux partition:

  1. Create the /mnt/cdrom directory if it doens’t exist yet: mkdir /mnt/cdrom
  2. Mount the media device: mount -v cdrfs -r /dev/cd0 /mnt/cdrom (on Linux the mount command is slightly different)

Note: on AIX you can edit the file “/etc/cdromd.conf” and add the line “device cd0 /mnt/cdrom” to have the CD or DVD mounted automatically.

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