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New available build notification (73433)

Csilla Polgár


This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.

 Log Searching:

You can now include delivery information in your log searches.  You can filter your searches by the delivery date and time or the server the message was delivered to, and you can get this information included as columns in your results as well.  This information is only available for messages that have been successfully delivered to their destination, of course – we’re hard at work adding in similar functionality to get more detailed and faster information about problems delivering messages.

In the outgoing log search, you can now also filter your results by the “user identity” that you can configure (e.g. based on a header you add to your outgoing messages, or the envelope sender that the message uses).  This makes it simple to get information about messages that a specific end-user has sent (or attempted to send).


The support for using Microsoft Exchange’s “journalling” functionality that was added a few weeks ago is now available in the web interface, for easy configuration.  This feature of Exchange allows you to configure Exchange to forward all messages (in a special “journal” format) that are to internal addresses (e.g. within your organisation) to a specified address.  Normally, these don’t go outside of your organisation, so would not end up in your archive – so this allows you to ensure that all of your mail is available in your archive.  If you configure Exchange to do this, you can then enable “journalling” in the web interface (this will whitelist the address you have chosen and also set it to not make any delivery attempts for that mail – you can customise this in the normal way if necessary).  Note that currently only the admin for a cluster is able to configure journalling for a domain.  Please contact support if you need assistance setting this up.

We have also made improvements for the “redeliver” functionality in archiving in the web interface.  When you choose to “redeliver” a message, the default behaviour is to deliver it to the original recipients of the message (note that this may not be the addresses in the “To” header – e.g. when the message was a BCC), and this is more clearly explained in the interface.  You also have the ability to customise the delivery location as part of the “redeliver” action – there’s no more need to set this up before you click “redeliver”.  We also now use the original envelope sender (“mail from”) address when redelivering an archived message.

Protection Report:

You now have a lot more control over the way that protection reports look.  In the template editing page, you can now edit the CSS stylesheet that the HTML version of the protection report uses – giving you considerable control over the fonts, size, margins, and other general layout and design of the protection reports for your users (note that mail clients vary in which style instructions they will obey).  You can also customise the row, header, and cell HTML, if you need to do that to make further style adjustments.  Finally, you can also choose to not include links to the web interface to view messages, if you wish to use the protection reports without providing access to the web interface, and customise the hostname that is used for links to release messages if your quarantine server is not the same server as the web interface server.


Filtering (services):

  • Improvements to handling training messages that have been through filtering more than once (#20461)
  • Added support for additional delivery problems in the api_delivery_errors API call (#22009)

Email Archiving (services):

  • Resolved issue that could cause a delay in archived messages being added to the storage server (#22007)
  • Resolved issue that could cause archiving messages in the Exchange journal format to fail when the recipient was blackholed (#22008)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved issue with incorrect TLD whitelisting at Domain Level (#21557)
  • Resolved issue with message results in delivery queue when filtering on a specific sender (#21842)
  • Resolved issue with Archive redelivery (#21676)
  • Resolved issue with creating of authticket via Spampanel API (#21681)
  • Resolved issue with incorrect date display in Domain Statics page. (#21673)
  • Resolved issue with Login prompting to enable 2FA (#21684)
  • Resolved issue with bandwidth overview for resellers not showing data (#21497)
  • Resolved issue with delivery queue HTML version opening links in iframe (#21950)
  • Resolved issue with the outgoing delivery queue page where recipient search required “Return partial matches” (#21938)
  • Resolved issue with ‘time-queued parameter’ in the outgoing delivery queue page (#22006)
  • Resolved issue with Quarantine date-time column sorting (#21752)
  • Resolved issue with domain cache list (#21812)
  • Resolved admin login issue with HTML  escaped characters (#21848)
  • Resolved issue with the “Error details” option from the log search page (#21904)
  • Adjusted wording for Sender Whitelist and Sender Blacklist (#21877)
  • Adjusted styling for ‘Add a new identification header’ button (#21612)
  • Adjusted wording of outgoing “Delivery queue” to “Outgoing delivery queue” (#21939)
  • Added auto whitelist recipient when adding admin contact (#16716)
  • Added  America/Denver timezone (#21751)
  • Added Content-Security-Policy HTTP header (#20331)
  • Added ability to filter by identification user in log search (#21481)
  • Added additional protection report template parameters to edit page (#21457)
  • Added delivery information as additional columns/filters in log searches (#20562)
  • Added Archive search show progress bar when re-delivering messages (#21537)
  • Moved “block password protected attachments” option to the “Extensions” page (#21483)
  • Stop /api/archive/getsize/ from using account-less /archive/usage/ (#21711)
  • Sort bandwidth overview on un-rounded numbers (#19293)
  • Expose the functionality to integrate archiving with Exchange’s “journal” mode (#21559)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • No new updates this week

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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