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New available build notification (74564)

Csilla Polgár


This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.

What’s new this week:

Catch-all aliases:
You have long been able to set up aliases at a domain level, so that any mail gets redirected to the same recipient  A few updates ago, we also added the ability to configure recipient aliases, so you can direct mail for (e.g.) [email protected] to [email protected].  With this week’s update, you can now configure a “catch all” alias, so that any mail is directed specifically to a single address, e.g. [email protected].  The web interface currently only exposes the ability to configure domain level aliases, but we will be adding the ability to create a “catch-all” account and to configure recipient aliases within a domain in an update early in 2015.

Hidden BCC:  
There are times when you need (e.g. for regulatory requirements) to send a copy of all messages for a domain or a specific recipient to another address – basically, to automatically add a “bcc” recipient to all messages, without the sender being aware of this.  This is now possible via the API.  You can configure all mail at a domain to be copied to a specified address, or all mail to specified recipients within a domain.

Grouped log counts:
The API now supports getting counts of messages grouped by a column, for faster and easier report creation.  For example, you might want to get the number of messages each distinct recipient has received in a specified time period, or you might want to know how many spam messages each of your outgoing users have attempted to send in the last day (so that you can address that problem with your users).

Filtering (services):

  • The api_find_messages and api_find_outgoing_messages API calls now support a “group” argument, which works like a “group by” clause in SQL (#21641)
  • [outgoing only] The “block spam” option is now set for all outgoing accounts.  The API calls that controlled this option still exist, but are deprecated and have no effect (#20925)
  • [incoming only] The API methods that handle aliases now permit you to specify that all mail for a domain should be aliased to a specific address at domain, without having to individually configure each alias (#19679)
  • New API methods api_set_hidden_bcc_address, api_get_hidden_bcc_address, api_set_hidden_bcc_address_outgoing, and api_get_hidden_bcc_address_outgoing, which allow you to have mail blind copied to a specified address (#7818)

Email Archiving (services):

  • A new method is available that provides a list of all IDs for a specified account and date.  This may be used to iterate / browse through an archive far more efficiently than by using a search (#21585)
  • You may now specify the message date when retrieving a message from the archive.  This is far more efficient than having the system determine the date itself, particularly on heavily loaded clusters  (#21580)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved issue with some missing dates from the Domain Statistics Page (#22191)
  • Resolved issue with Date field from Incoming Log Search(#22199)
  • Resolved issue with error message “This method is not available” (#22184)
  • Resolved issue with adding camel-case email users when reseller exists with same address (#22161)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • No new updates this week


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