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New Available Build Notification (75122)

Csilla Polgár


This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.

 Filtering (services):

  • Adjusted the warning output by the api_set_update_day_and_time() API call when a server in the cluster cannot be reached is now prefixed by “WARNING:” (#22633)
  • It is now possible to use encryption with the “S3” archiving storage backend (in addition to the encryption that Amazon adds) (#22346)
  • You can no longer set your cluster to update between Tuesday 10:00 and Wednesday 08:00 UTC (#22641)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Adjusted the error message when messages are not trained via IMAP (#22557)
  • Resolved issue with the graphs showing incorrect time frame information in the domain statistics page (#22600)
  • Removed the “View Logs” page from the interface. This is for internal use only (#22578)
  • Resolved issue with the domains pending transfer not being visible from the “from other admins” list (#22614)
  • Resolved issue with camel-case email users, when bridge-login was being used (#22707)
  • Resolved issue with message when adding domain via SpamPanel API, even if domain stil gets added (#22734)
  • The “Now” option when selecting the current time in Log Search was removed (#22374)
  • Updated SpamPanel API to use instead of (#22642)
  • Resolved issue with “Archiving API response size is exceeding the allowed limit” by increasing the Archiving API response size limit (#22672)
  • Resolved issue with searching archived messages for a longer time period (#22670)
  • Resolved issue with Archive Search returning Invalid Dates error message (#22702)
  • Optimized email preview page when using Email Archiving (#21809)
  • Added SpamPanel API support for setting the Archiving Quota (soft/hard) for admins(#21994)
  • When the archiving product is added/removed, reflect that in the archiving settings (#21024)

Plugins & Integration tools:

  • Resolved issue with backward compatibility with the Paperl Lantern theme in older versions of cPanel (#22354)

Email Archiving (services):

  • Retrieving the space used from the archiving API will now be significantly faster (#19005)

In case you have items you would like to discuss in more detail, please inform support and these topics will be included in the next quarterly CTO webinar.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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