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New Available Build Notification (79757)

Csilla Polgár


This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, SpamExperts.

 What’s new this week: 

Working with quarantined messages in log searches
The web interface offers a “spam quarantine” page, where you may inspect the messages that have been quarantined, and release any incorrectly classified messages.  This page offers some ability to search for messages, but is generally fairly limited.  The log search page, however, offers many ways to search for messages, and has many options around what information is displayed for each of the matching messages.

You’re now able to view, release, and remove messages from the quarantine directly from the log search results.  This functionality works just like it does on the quarantine page, but you’re able to combine it with the far more flexible options around searching and displaying results that the log search page offers.  To perform any of these actions, simply select the appropriate choice from the action drop-down on the far left of the row – like the quarantine page, you can also select multiple rows, and perform the action on all of them at once, using the “Apply to selected” choice at the bottom of the page.  Note that these choices will only appear for messages that were quarantined.


Filtering (services):

  • Resolved issue with the archiving storage definitions, passing a object as the timestamp value, rather than a datetime.datetime (#23346)
  • The api_find_call_logs method is now returning UTC values, and the documentation was updated to show this (#23379)
  • The client_username and client_ip arguments for api_find_call_logs and api_count_call_logs have been renamed to search_client_username and search_client_ip (#23355)
  • When an outgoing message is destined for a filtered incoming domain, this will now always be routed to the local server rather than following normal delivery rules (#18200)
  • The api_get_delivery_errors API method now sources all data from the logging server, which will considerably improve speed, particularly on large clusters (#21628)
  • Significant improvements in the efficiency of archiving messages (#21150)
  • Two new API methods, api_get_delivery_queue_count and api_get_outgoing_delivery_queue_count have been added, that allow getting the number of messages in the delivery queue (#21465)
  • A new column, “delivery_data” is available in the api_find_messages and api_find_outgoing_messages methods (#23115)
  • Improvements to the efficiency of removing a domain (#23287)
  • The “True” and “force” values for the “include_in_progress” argument of the api_count_messages and api_count_outgoing_messages API calls are now deprecated (#79625)
  • The api_get_recipient_error_details API method has been deprecated (#21628)
  • The “include_in_progress” argument of the api_count_messages and api_count_outgoing_messages API calls now defaults to False (#79633)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Optimized the text in the “Manage list of domains and IP addresses with disabled SPF check” page (#23253)
  • Added text to explain the “Identification Method” behavior in the Outgoing user settings page (#23221)
  • Optimized SpamPanel API error text when authenticating with unknown user (#23130)
  • Resolved issue with being able to upload invalid local parts via a CSV file (#23361)
  • Renamed the submission term in the Spam Panel to “Outgoing” (#23364)
  • Added the ability to release/view/remove quarantined messages in log search results (#19766)
  • Added text to clarify that the “Enable outgoing limits:” are related to connections and not messages in the Outgoing user settings page (#23170)
  • Added more support to archive storage changes (#11119)
  • SpamPanel is now compatible with Dovecot 2 (#22787)
  • Optimized the message returned when the outgoing user is added to the SpamPanel (#21830)
  • Resolved on screen error when submission report was generated at admin level (#23388)
  • Changed getvalidrecipientcount to not include data on the filtering servers (#22871)

Plugins & Integration tools:

No new updates this week

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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