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5 Website Basics for Your Company

Balázs Nagy


Building a website can work wonders for your SME. It provides a platform for your business to showcase its services and/or products on a global scale, where there are limited borders to cross and populations to reach. Your products or services are attainable for the many, instead of the few.

However, how is the elusive customer going to find your product or services? In the global marketplace, it is hard to make a stable stance amongst the competition. For every product or service that you offer, there are possibly thousands, if not millions, of comparable service providers. You must make yourself top of the game, and adapt to new rules to stay on top of it. Here are basic rules that you must adhere to:

  1. Make your site responsive

More than half of online searched are conducted and completed via mobile devices; therefore, your website must provide a flawless online experience for the customer. Hire a reputable website builder, use a trusted web hoster, and test your website’s functionality on a regular basis.

  1. Place your logo left to right, or right to left

Your website must have your logo clearly on each page to strengthen your brand. Research has shown that 89% of users remember the logo when it is placed on the top left-hand side of the page, however, this is relevant for pages written in languages that read from left to right. For languages that read right to left, make sure to cater to their reading habits.

You must have a clear way for your customers to contact you, and the more options available, the better. Not everybody is comfortable using computers to conduct business or buy products, and prefer to speak to a real person. Although many millennials would prefer to email or Tweet companies, previous generations may prefer the phone. Make sure you provide a telephone number, so you do not miss out on any potential business opportunities. Also, ensure that your contact information is easy to find as people will not exert themselves to find the contact details.

If this is the first time a potential customer has visited your site, they will not have any loyalty to your business. As soon as they land on your website, make sure you show them what you offer, so no efforts are wasted on both parts.

The content that you include on your site must be relevant to the products or services on offer. By ensuring that it is relevant, clear and concise, you are creating an opportunity to increase your audience to people that have accidentally come across your page via search engines, rather than specifically searching for you.

SEO professionals at, understand that carefully selected keywords, anchor texts and relevant content can improve your website traffic rates. Your content is your secret weapon against the competition, and if managed successfully, could turn your website from a product service platform into a lucrative mine of opportunities. For example, run a blog alongside your products or services; offer tips, how-to’s and updates through pertinent content.

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