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About Us


Established in 1999, NewPush started as a full-service hosting company providing solutions for small and medium size businesses. Our first customer was a midsize food manufacturer focused on organic farming.

By the early 2000s, we had hundreds of business customers, and our focus was on Infrastructure as a Service. We started hosting high profile customers which were in the Alexa top 25,000 because we were able to couple rock solid infrastructure with effective cyber-security.

By the end of our first decade, we earned the trust of large-scale operations, such as public transportation, and our focus sharpened around cyber-security for enterprise customers.

By the end of our second decade, we have earned the trust of household names in consumer goods, technology, and media.

Today, we have thousands of customers. The privilege of working on challenging engineering projects in cyber-security and IT Compliance allowed us to accumulate experience and subject matter expertise. This expertise in turn enabled us to create the TrACE platform.

With the TrACE Platform, we help our customers both to rationalize the cyber-security investment in a diverse portfolio, and to generate ROI in unorthodox ways by bringing opportunities for operational effectiveness beyond the realm of security and compliance.

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Our Focus

16 years and 500 customers later we provide the following services to customers in North America and Europe:

  • Web hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and infrastructure as a service
  • Innovation – helping our customers with new ideas and their implementation
  • Cybersecurity, Identity management, and data protection,
  • Consulting – the areas of focus include project management and strategy
  • Website development – design, deploy, protect and host websites
  • Application development, hosting and maintenance, incl. mobility
  • Analytics – helping clients improve their business performance by KPIs (key performance indicators) and presenting key business results

Our Clients

Our clients include different size commercial companies ranging from startups to enterprises as well as public sector clients.

Clients’ Benefits

We focus on reliability, quality, price, integrity and ease of doing business. Given our customers’ needs to host data within their geographies, we provide our own data center hosting capabilities within the US and European Community, and through IBM SoftLayer data-centers throughout the world. We serve clients who need HIPAA, PCI compliance, or have additional cybersecurity needs. Our clients can white-label our services.

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