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Blog Category: Big Data

Watson Sensory Input Overview
Category: Big Data Published: 2014-05-26

Watson’s pros and cons Plenty of features that allowed Watson successfully participate in its Jeopardy! performance also help it become extremely suitable for typical jobs that require massive segments of natural language information. Lots of aspects make understanding and discourse concerning natural language problematic. Due to Watson relies on plenty of these points, it gives […]

Cooperating to Change Learning
Category: Big Data Published: 2015-01-14

There is a signal that indicates the need to change education. While elementary and secondary schools have progressed considerably in the last years, the coming days of the field are focused to get much more impactful improvements. Technological innovations in big data analytics, mobile expansion in and beyond of schools, and the breakthroughs in cloud-based […]

Machine Data Harvesting
Category: Big Data Published: 2014-06-02

Machine data is available in various forms. Temperature sensors, health trackers, and also air-conditioning systems deliver large volumes of information. But it is hard to know which information is important. In this article, you will know some ways of supporting the usage of big data sets using Hadoop. Keeping and providing the data You should […]

Tinkering with CryptoMining
Category: Big Data Published: 2020-04-25

If you are in SecOps, you probably have seen the threat of CryptoMiners running on compromised hosts. This article may not be for you, but if you would like to dive deeper inside of the working of crypto-mining you will find a few resources here to get you started. For the example I use the […]

NewPush Recognized as Top 20 VMware Cloud provider 2016
Category: Big Data Published: 2016-11-11

CIO Review recognition NewPush started using VMware technologies from its inception in 1999. At the time the first dot com boom was just heating up. Many virtualization technologies were emerging for the Intel platform. Over the years we kept focusing on providing enterprise-grade infrastructure. Meanwhile, we have kept increasing the role of VMware as we […]

Building a Behavioral Profile Model
Category: Big Data Published: 2014-05-28

Intro The majority of us go shopping. We purchase all kinds of things, starting from simple essentials such as meals to various entertainment venues, for example, music. While we are shopping, we’re not simply discovering stuff for using in our everyday life, also we reveal our involvement in different social institutions. Our behavior and choices […]

YARN Review
Category: Big Data Published: 2014-06-10

Apache Hadoop is regarded as the most in-demand applications for big data handling. It is installed proficiently by a lot of companies for quite a while. Although Hadoop is known as a trusted, scalable and inexpensive option, it is repeatedly receiving upgrades from a big network of builders. Consequently, the version 2.0 gives some innovative […]

Cyber Security Advice for Medical Practices
Category: Big Data Published: 2018-03-27

The sudden increase in cyber attacks happening all around the world is not without its reasons. More than 80% of information – including private details about ourselves – are now stored digitally. Every information is valuable to attackers, which is why we are now seeing more attacks as well as new forms of attacks targeting […]

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