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Blog Category: Billing

WHMCS OpenSRS sync error for a domain
Category: Billing Published: 2012-06-19

Problem: OpenSRS domain sync error Rarely for a domain under OpenSRS management, the following error show up for each operation: “Details could not be retrieved for your Error: Check your browser’s encoding type, and modify it to reflect your password’s encoding type. For support regarding, please contact your reseller” Solution: the OpenSRS domain […]

The domain names registered with you, are they automatically renewed?
Category: Billing Published: 2011-10-31

Yes, as long as your account is in good standing, we make sure that we renew your domain names. Here is how it works: 30 to 90 days before expiration, we bill your account for the renewal fee once your account is billed, we renew your domain you pay your bill as usual To access […]

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