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Tools and Information for Business Intelligence Professionals
User Request Web Content Prognostication
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2014-05-21

Discover ways to examine web server log files to learn ways of users website browsing and forecast next browsed content. This article explains applying extensible Markov model to cluster web pages on a website and predict the place user will move next. The algorithm utilizes InfoSphere® Streams and R for regular issue prognostications based on […]

Updating the Rate Sheet in the COGEXO Rating Engine
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2010-11-09

Rate table update on MySQL backed database The concepts in this guide apply for the DB2 version of the rating engine. Data Fromat product_code_call,description,cost,call_type Data Upload For the MySQL back-end, use phpMyAdmin to upload the data: Log in to phpMyAdmin Select the rate table Click the import tab Select the file that has the comma […]

Cognos 10.1 install on CentOS 6.3 64 bit
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2012-09-03

yum update (then reboot if kernel has been patched) yum install glibc.i686 yum install openmotif yum install libgcc.i686 yum install openmotif22 yum install openmotif22.i686 yum install xauth yum install libXtst tar xvzf bisrvr_linuxi8664h_10.1.1_ml.tar.gz cd linuxi38664h/ ./isetup

How to Flatten a Dimensional Data Model Built in Excel with Pivot Tables
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2012-08-29

To flatten a dimensional model built in Excel using pivot tables, follow these steps: save the original worksheet with the pivot table as a CSV (tab delimited is even better) select the range or column that contains the blanks (if you have blanks under the header, don’t select the column header in the range) select […]

Installing a Secure Certificate on IBM Smart Business Server (VERDE)
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2011-05-23

At the time of this writing, the IBM Smart Business Server’s control panel doesn’t allow importing a secure certificate (SSL cert). Never-the-less it is possible to install a valid (CA signed) secure certificate from the command line. This article assumes that the reader is familiar with SSL and the basic SSL KEY, CSR, and CRT […]

Free IBM training video for CloudBurst Appliance
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2011-02-27

IBM CLoudBurst Appliance Training Video IBM just published fresh training videos for their CoudBurst Appliance. “This video, based on five online lectures and five online demonstrations, provides in-depth information about WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance and WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition. It demonstrates how to: configure resources managed in the cloud; create virtual systems for deployment to […]

Business Analytics Software Efficiencies are Key
Category: Business Intelligence Published: 2010-12-26

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and the Hardware Upgrade Tarpit A common misconception about business analytics, is that better business analytics usually requires better hardware. Business Analytics: Software rules over Hardware A number of blogs have recently reflected on the “REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS DESIGNING A DIGITAL FUTURE: FEDERALLY FUNDED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN […]

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