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Blog Category: Cloud Computing

How to limit access to a web site on an IIS web server by IP address
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2010-10-05

Problem You have a private web site for management purposes, and you want to limit access to it by IP address. Solution Open the IIS management MMC. In the left hand treeview, drill down to the website in question. The main window of the IIS7 MMC will now display all the familiar management icons. Under […]

How to make the ASP engine parse the HTML files?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

This solution has been contributed by one of our hosting reseller clients, Achieve Web Design and Marketing who received it from their programmer Craig Bishop. The goal of this procedure is to allow having ASP code in HTML pages, to avoid having to change URLs when a page becomes dynamic. Here is what Craig writes: […]

NewPush Listed as Top Notes and Domino Hosting Provider
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-06-07

If you are looking for a hosted Lotus Notes or Domino solution with flexible infrastructure at commodity cloud rates, you have found the right place. Yesterday NewPush made it to the top of the IBM list of Hosted Lotus Notes and Domino environment: For more information, check out our collaboration page.

Can’t edit PostgreSQL datasource in CFMX
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

The original URL where we found this solution is here: PostgreSQL DSN Config Bug Workaround for PostgreSQL DSN Config Bug How to fix a bug for PostgreSQL Data Source configuration in the ColdFusion MX Administrator. The problem is that when configuring a PostgreSQL DSN according to the instructions in this TechNote, if you choose a […]

High Availability Asterisk
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2010-10-09

Problem If you have tried to set up high availability for an asterisk VoIP PBX, you probably notices that it is easy to do in theory, but in practice, it isn’t quite always working as expected. For example, Trixbox has ways to set up high availability (HA), but when it comes down to it, the […]

How to change ownership of a PostgreSQL database
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2009-05-31

To change the owner of a database we have found this solution: UPDATE pg_database SET datdba=(SELECT usesysid FROM pg_shadow WHERE usename=’new_owner’) WHERE datname=’db_name’; * From: Tom Lane * To: Devrim GUNDUZ * Subject: Re: changing ownership of db * Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:41:08 -0400 Devrim GUNDUZ writes: > On Tue, 29 Jul […]

What is the difference between site to site and mobile VPN?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-11-03

For most businesses, there are two types of VPN that apply: site to site VPN: this is used to link sites, such as your office and the data center, mobile VPN: this is used to link mobile or home users to a corporate site, or a data center. The mobile VPN to your office is […]

NewPush featured in
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-03-16 is carrying and article about our new SAN infrastructure choice around IBM N series and Zerowait SimpleStor products. Here is an excerpt: Zerowait Corporation, provider of independent NetApp support and off- lease systems, announced that NewPush, a global application and data-warehouse hosting company, has selected Zerowait to architect and manage NewPush’s NetApp and IBM […]

Email Hosting: cPanel (Exim) email loop – Too many “Received” headers – suspected mail loop
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2016-11-10

Email Hosting Issue: email looping on cPanel (Exim) When your server’s email flow stops, it is like the lifeblood of a company that stops. As soon as an email issue appears we have to jump on them immediately and get to the core of the problem. Smart trouble-shooting is key. At this point, we have […]

Domino Server Crash Debug Data Collection
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-03-23

Even though Domino servers tend to be very stable, it may happen that every now and then there is a crash. In that case it is good to be able to provide appropriate details to IBM. Here are some recommendations form IBM tech support: Make sure gdb is installed on the OS (Unix OSs only) […]

Do you need a secure certificate (SSL/HTTPS) for your site?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

A secure certificate (aka SSL cert) allows a web site to secure the connection between the web server and the visitor. That allows the protection of the users’ privacy and the confidentiality of the data. A secure certificate technically does the following two things: Guarantee that the website you are looking at is truly the […]

Remove old or bogus address form Outlook email auto-complete address book
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2010-10-26

Problem As a result of people changing their email address, or just simple typos, the MS Outlook auto-complete list ends up with a number of bogus queries. Solution To remove a name or email address from Outlook’s auto-complete list, simply follow these 4 steps: Create a new email message in Outlook (don’t worry, you can […]

Domino 8.5.2 Adding Email Aliases
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-04-10

Often times people need to receive email for multiple valid variation of their email addresses. On most email systems, these are called email aliases. IBM Domino has a slightly unusual way of allowing system administrators to define aliases: Open the Domino Administrator Tool On the People & Groups tab, select People Edit the Person document […]

OpenVPN connects, but no ping
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-10-17

OpenVPN connection issue on Windows Vista and Windows 7   Problem When connecting to an OpenVPN tunnel on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the OpenVPN GUI shows the connection as successful, but the protected network can not be reached. Solution Start OpenVPN as administrator. This is necessary even of the account launching OpenVPN is an […]

VoIP Trouble Shooting with tcpdump
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2008-12-22

I got a couple of WiFi VoIP phone to test with.  The Linksys WIP330 and the DLink DPH-540.  Both phones are a pain to set up, and they are not ready for prime time.  However, for someone that travels and wants to stay connected, they still seem to be the only available option.  For the […]

CSF / LDF user / IP lock out info
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2012-08-27

Where can we view the lock out triggers / logs? There are a few ways to do it. The log itself is in /var/log/lfd.log – this provides you with all the information about what lfd is doing. lfd is the process that keeps track of many things: login failures (technically it is called the “login […]

How to secure web (admin) connections?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

To secure admin server connections that are not running on a secure Apache web server, one can use “stunnel”. For example, to secure Sun One ASP, the following command will do it (to be run on the server to secure): stunnel -D 7 -P/tmp/ -p /usr/share/ssl/certs/imapd.pem -d 5143 -r localhost:5100 Of course, you may want […]

How to install Tomcat 6 on RHEL 6 or CentOS 6
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-10-31

Here are some steps to install Tomcat 6 on Red Hat 6 (or CentOS 6).   First we are going to prepare the repository: yum install yum-priorities rpm -Uvh rpm -Uvh rpm -Uvh Next we will install Java and Tomcat 6: yum -y install java yum -y install tomcat6 tomcat6-webapps tomcat6-admin-webapps Finally […]

Do you have an authentication routine, like htpasswd to protect web pages?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

Authentication in Apache is done through htaccess, either from the configuration file or from the .htaccess file in a given directory. Note that only full directories can be easily protected with this method. Here is how: (first log in to the shell, as this method only works if you have shell access) $ cd …/html/protected_dir […]

What is PHP or ASP?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

ASP, PHP, JSP are all programming languages (aka scripting languages), that allow to write dynamic websites. Dynamic websites have a business logic to perform functions such as a signup form or a full-blown eCommerce application. Dynamic websites also have a presentation logic, that allows to change the look and feel of the site based on […]

Setting up FileZilla for connecting to the server (first time only)
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2012-06-26

  Start FileZilla. I’m using FileZilla 3.5.0 for this tutorial, but the steps should be the same in any recent version. We will start by creating a new site in FileZilla so that we won’t have to fill the credentials every time we would like to connect to the server. Open File > Site Manager… and […]

How to uninstall IBM Lotus Notes client from the Macintosh on OS X
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-11-23

You can uninstall IBM® Lotus® Notes® by dragging from /Applications to the trash. This preserves user data. You can also uninstall Notes using the uninstaller application supplied with the Notes install media. This preserves user data as well. You can also uninstall Notes by dragging the following items to the Apple® Mac OS X® […]

Cloud Computing in the Midmarket
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-11-27

Midsize businesses are realizing the power of cloud computing–a flexible, cost-effective and proven platform for delivering IT services and products over the web. However, they are also facing tighter budgets, fewer resources and more competition. Now, more than ever, there’s a real need to achieve greater efficiency at lower cost–while also minimizing the risks. Utilizing […]

cPanel quota fix
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-05-18

cPanel has an array of fairly impressive scripts located in /scripts . When having disk quota issues, running /scripts/fixquota allows to return the cPanel server to a state allowing to alter the hosting plans and disk space quotas.

PC LAW upgrade instructions
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-11-11

Here are the latest links form Lexis Nexis on PC LAW upgrade:

What versions of the FrontPage extensions do you support?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

We support FrontPage 2000 and Frontpage 2002 server extensions. As Frontpage has been discontinued in 2003, we recommend to switch your site to WordPress. We have a team of talented engineers that can help you with the transition.

Cloud Computing for Small and Medium Businesses: Meeting Specific Needs
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2017-03-20

Cloud Computing for Small and Medium Businesses: Meeting Specific Needs Cloud computing is the future. Many businesses and a wide range of industries are now relying on cloud computing for anything from data storage to real-time operations. This is due to the fact that cloud computing can host many web applications while providing a cost-efficient […]

How to look up admin info about a site?
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

usage: sitelookup [ -w ] [ -s ] [ -d ] [ -u ] [ -a ] [ domain,wp_user,site_handle,site_root,site_admin ] -w:wp_user is the top level unix user (admin1) -s:site_handle is the site equivalent of wp_user (site1) -d:domain is the hostname for a site ( -u:site_admin is the username for a site (bob) -a:returns info on […]

Migrate ProxMox KVM Storage from local to NFS on netapp
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-03-14

Proxmox KVM storage migration from local to NFS In order to be able to use the live partition migration in Proxmox, the KVM partition needs to be on NFS or iSCSI. Here is the process for an NFS storage. – shut down vm – rsync -av /var/lib/vz/images/<VMID> /mnt/pve/<NFS VOL>/images/ – edit /etc/qemu-server/<VMID>.conf – change ide0: […]

Install Packages on OpenBSD 4.x and OpenBSD 5.x
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2011-10-26

To install binary packages on OpenBSD, the package manager needs to have the correct download URL.  This URL changes based on OpenBSD version and architecture.  Here is how to set it independently: export PKG_PATH= Once that is done, the pkg_add command will work. In fact all pkg_* commands will work.

How to make a site IP based Solution:
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2006-11-12

A) Converting a Name-based site to a ip-based sitelogin as root and run the command: EditVirtDomain -c ipinfo,namebased=0,nbaddrs=\[\],ipaddrs=\[new_ip_addr\] domain_namewherenew_ip_addr is the new ip addressdomain_name is the domain name of the site e.g. EditVirtDomain -c ipinfo,namebased=0,nbaddrs=\[\],ipaddrs=\[\] B) Converting an ip-based site to a Name-based sitelogin as root and run the command: EditVirtDomain -c ipinfo,namebased=1,ipadrs=\[\] domain_namewheredomain_name […]

Connecting local Active Directory Cloud (AD) and Azure...
Category: Cloud Computing Published: 2017-03-06

Active Directory Cloud Enablement Connecting local AD to Azure With the deployment of more and more Office 365 services, managing separate AD instances can be daunting. Fortunately, Microsoft offers great tools to get your Active Directory Cloud initiative working. Azure’s AD is the backing AD for the Office 365 services. In this article, I am […]

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