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Blog Category: Cybersecurity

Tinkering with Raspberry Pi 8GB
Category: Cybersecurity Published: 2020-09-09

This summer of 2020, the long awaited 8GB version of the Raspberry PI 4 came out. Along with that hardware update came other goodies: USB boot: USB Gadget Image Builder (to have a fully functioning local network with you iPad Pro over USB C: 

Cybersecurity In Your Environment: How Concerned Are You?
Category: Cybersecurity Published: 2017-08-08

Cybersecurity is complex and affects business.  If you are an executive, have you considered whether you are fulfilling your fiduciary duty through cybersecurity strategy?  If you are a CISO, have you taken a methodical approach to every increasing cybersecurity topic?  If you are a non-IT person, have you wondered whether your enterprise information is secure? […]

Set up automatic updates for Brew on Mac OS X
Category: Cybersecurity Published: 2020-05-11

Automated updates for the core OS has been available for several years now on Macs, and Apple has added the ability to update automatically apps you have added from the AppStore as well. However, if you have installed open source apps with Brew, chances are that you may forget to update them regularly. This is […]

How to Safeguard Data When the Majority of Your Workforce is Remote?
Category: Cybersecurity Published: 2021-01-15

A summary of measures taken to protect data when employees are working remotely.

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