Cloud Solutions

With our Cloud Hosting services we meet our customers’ needs with customized, and individualized solutions no matter how complex or demanding they may. Having built an efficient infrastructure, and a skilled organization, we can offer competitive prices that will be below what large cloud providers like Amazon charge. Our cloud solutions are by default delivered on VMware Enterprise, with all the state of the art features of the software-defined data-center. On top of that foundation, we deliver

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Linux, AIX, Windows
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): Java/Spring, LAMP, .Net
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Mail, Backups, File sharing, Collaboration, Cybersecurity, Billing, Provisioning…

Whether you need a

  • PCI compliant payment processing environment secured by web application firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems monitored 24/7,
  • HIPAA compliant high-performance data analytics cluster to crunch through a massive amount of data for C suite reports generated and delivered rapidly,
  • enterprise BYOD solutions managed with multi-continent redundancy and DR options,

NewPush engineers can do it and have done it before.

In today’s world many service providers claim to be cloud services providers, but what does it really mean to be a cloud provider. The chart below describes everything that a service provider needs to satisfy to be truly a cloud provider.

NIST Cloud Provider Definition

  • On-demand: you should be able to manage your committed capacity, add remove servers, add remove storage as you see fit from a simple control panel
  • Self-service: you should not need the intervention of engineers for every standard operation, such as deploying a new machine, rebooting, deleting, cloning
  • Elasticity: you can increase and decrease capacity as needed
  • Measured service: utility-based computing, you pay based on usage, with possible discounts for committed capacity
  • Multi-tenancy: you share resources with other users (in case of a private cloud, with other users in the same enterprise or business unit)

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