Consulting Services

In today’s fast-moving environment clients often need independent expertise to supplement internal resources. NewPush provides consulting in the following areas:


Strategy creation is a challenging topic. To succeed a company needs to do the right things and do things right. This is difficult and we are seeing a significant percentage of companies – both large and small – fail.

Project Management

Project Management: different clients, projects and teams need different methodologies (the UK saying recommends “horses for courses”). NewPush provides expertise to walk through the project management process and recommendation on how to best execute in this fast moving environment.

Quality Assurance

NewPush can provide an independent audit and recommendation starting from the requirements and walking through the process.


NewPush can help create functional test scenarios which subsequently be executed using TaaS (testing as a service) hosted by NewPush.


NewPush provides cybersecurity consulting looking at both external and internal threats and providing recommendations and optionally POC (proof of concept) which can highlight previously unseen threats. NewPush has partnered with Brainwave and provides a hosted solution thus making implementation independent of client IT resources.


NewPush core competency is in this area. We can do an audit of an existing environment with specific recommendations. We can also help manage servers either by migrating them to NewPush or managing them in a client data center remotely.

Business analytics

With data explosion in many sectors, business analytics becomes a must for clients as they can analyze their own performance and root causes of any issues.

Website design and development

NewPush can provide consulting and optionally implementation and hosting of websites. With PCI compliance being mandatory in the US for companies accepting credit card payments and cybersecurity threats growing daily, most business need help in this area.

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