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Chaos to Order: Digital Event

NewPush Special Event: Chaos to Order

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We’re developing the concept of an exclusive event for forward-thinking business leaders to exchange ideas. This is an invitation-only event for the most influential minds in the business world. We have only three rules: focus on insights, use real-life examples, and no sales pitches. This is an invitation only event, please request an invitation if you wish to participate.

Each session will last 15 minutes, followed by a Q&A session of around 20 - 40 minutes, where we can interact with the speaker and other members of the audience.

We have only three rules:focus on insights, use real-life examples,and no sales pitches.

After the presentations, we are looking forward to an insightful roundtable discussion with all three speakers together.

Chaos to Order: A Digital Event

Next Event: 21st of July