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Alt Ten Selects NewPush to Host Its Ground Breaking Social Business Software
Category: News Published: 2011-02-05

Social Business Software powered by NewPush Alt Ten, a Littleton, Colorado based Social Business Software startup selects NewPush to run its ground breaking software, TurboStack. TurboStack aims at filling the gap between traditional Email, CRM, ERP and other productivity tools and the power of Social Media. NewPush has the infrastructure and know-how to scale applications […]

Cisco Bug Triggers Outage in our Denver Data-Center
Category: News Published: 2011-05-18

Today Cisco BGP memory leak (bug ID CSCsw63003) during routine BGP updates caused a 22 minute outage in our downtown Denver facility. An after action report can be found here: Cisco BGP Bug After Action Report. We extend our deepest apologies to all of our customers who were impacted by this outage. We clearly recognize […]

Windows 7 Privacy for Internet Connection Checking
Category: News Published: 2011-05-19

Windows 7 has an interesting feature to determine if there is a working Internet connection. By default, it sends information to Microsoft to about the connection location. The following article explains how this works, and how to reconfigure the setting to regain privacy while maintaining that useful feature:

Newsletter – November 2016
Category: News Published: 2016-12-05

NewPush newsletter – November 2016 edition I would like to welcome you to our newsletter of November 2016. Did you know that NewPush has been in business since 1999 providing stable and reliable service to our customers in both North America and Europe? Our cloud vision was implemented many years prior to the time the […]

Advice in the Wake of Security Breaches
Category: News Published: 2011-04-09

By Mark Nyquist ‐ Information Systems Director, Epicor HCM In the wake of the recent security breaches (see links below), I’d like to take just a quick moment to remind everyone that extra vigilance and scrutiny are becoming vital for the security of work and home environments. I’m sure that many of you have already […]

SPAM Filter Upgrade
Category: News Published: 2010-10-25

Thoughout the week of October 25th, 2010, we will be upgrading our customers from the Postini/Google SPAM filter to the Red Condor SPAM and Virus filter. As a result of the upgrade, former Postini/Google customers will have more flexibility and more ease of use to access automatically their quarantine. If you have any questions, please […]

Category: News Published: 2015-07-01

***IPPAY NON-INTRUSIVE MAINTENANCE NOTIFICATION*** Duration of Maintenance: 60 minutes Start Time of Maintenance: 10:00pm CST, Thursday, July 2, 2015  Stop Time of Maintenance: 11:00pm CST, Thursday, July 2, 2015 Scope of Maintenance: To ensure the most reliable environment is maintained for our customers, IPpay Technical Services will be performing planned system updates. We expect the […]

Testing – Best Kept Secret in Software Development
Category: News Published: 2016-10-06

The majority of projects in IT are over budget and miss their deadline.  We often notice that IT staff works hard just to stay in one place.  While there are many causes, one of the key factors to mitigate the problem is testing.  In this article, we will define show what happens if you: let testing […]

NewPush Petabyte Storage Solutions Featured in InfoStore
Category: News Published: 2011-03-08

I had a chance to chat with Dave Simpson recently about our partnership with Zerowait to deliver great value on high end and high quality storage to our customers. Here is the article mentioning our Petabyte Storage Solutions.

NewPush powers Akavit mail gateway for the Denver Broncos
Category: News Published: 2010-09-15

Akavit picks NewPush to power the Denver Broncos mail gateway.

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