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Do you have everything you need to protect your organization from cyber threats?

The Central Hub

Connective Platform™ for Information Security

It is no longer sufficient to run the security systems of yesteryear and hope they will hold for the cyberattacks of today. Cybercrime is advancing at an astonishing rate, so security protection needs to recognize every threat and have an answer for it. Attacks are frequent, damaging, and reoccurring, so security systems should offer ongoing and comprehensive monitoring, with the means to keep personnel continually informed.


New and damaging threats

In the twenty-first century, every organization, team, and individual is at risk of exposure to cybercrimes that are more advanced and difficult to detect. The rise of cybercrime is at a rate that is outpacing public awareness, so it is essential that cybersecurity measures are always two steps ahead. Cybercrime now costs the world more than any other crime, and finding out the hard way is something we would all prefer to avoid.

Security Culture

Cultivate the best attitude

The human factor is key to your cybersecurity defenses. It only takes one error to cause irreparable damage and the majority of these are caused by employees. The best way to combat this type of vulnerability is to introduce a healthy and robust security culture by increasing awareness of the various dangers. By developing a strong and reliable human firewall, organizations will be better prepared for attacks.

What are the benefits of Connective Platform™?

With an increasing number of sophisticated attacks, cybersecurity is essential for all organizations. Connective Platform™ is the program that enables you to avoid the threats while staying compliant.

TrACE Core is the engine driving the Connective Platform™ solution, which consists of an RPA engine, a compliance engine, and a portal. RPA powers governance, security, and the library; compliance is for business applications, access management, and threat information; the portal is used by vendors, staff, and clients.

In the digital age, cybercrime has been rising at an exponential rate posing threats to individuals, SMEs, and large corporations. A cyber attack now occurs every 39 seconds, which means if there have not already been attacks on your organization then they are a likely occurrence in the near future.

Technological advances have increased the threats to organizations, which include the Internet of Things (IoT), remote access, cloud computing, and borderless data centers. This means there are more possibilities for cybercriminals to access corporate accounts and systems, disrupt operations, and hold organizations to ransom.

The increasing threats of cybercrime can be combatted with ongoing and intelligent monitoring and assessment, which is able to effectively secure all distributed and remote technologies. Decision-makers can also have a complete and comprehensive overview of their security status at any time.

For IT security to be 100% effective, every level of an organization must be reached, and this needs to be reflected in training, education, and leadership. Cybersecurity must be recognized in all business decisions, access only granted to those that need it, and risks reported in real-time.

Connective Platform™ is unique in that it is comprehensive in its security coverage. TrACE customers have not experienced significant breaches nor failed a security audit. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in deploying the best cybersecurity solutions.

Connective Platform™ has enabled organizations to significantly reduce their daily vulnerabilities, close material weaknesses found in audits, streamline user access review, and improve processes. All of these actions equate to considerable cost savings through an easy-to-manage solution.

A security system will only make a good investment until there is a data breach, so investment and risk mitigation should be carefully balanced. A strong system of cybersecurity in an organization will lead to reduced vulnerabilities, improved management of operations, a strong security culture, and the elimination of the possibility of a data breach.